April 30, 2020 by Diana Bocco

SEO Guide – 4 Reasons Why Your Domain Authority Score is Falling

It’s a challenge to get a good domain authority score — particularly for a new website that a lot of people don’t know about.

SEO Guide – 4 Reasons Why Your Domain Authority Score is Falling

A lot of people get scammed because they trust the wrong website. For instance, imagine that you visit an online clothing store and love the interface, product options, and overall site layout.

Does this mean that it is a trustworthy option? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You can’t make a decision on whether a website is legitimate by the way it looks. Simply put, if a website does not have a good, strong reputation, you cannot trust it.

Credible websites have a good DA score

It takes a lot of time for a website to earn a high DA score. This means that if a particular online brand has a DA score of 75, it would have been operating for a long time. Such websites are not involved in scams because they have a reputation to protect.

On the other hand, a DA score of 20 means that the website is new and still has to make its mark in the online world. Blindly trusting such websites can be a big problem. Before you trust a website, make sure that you have checked the domain authority score — you can use a DA checker to evaluate your site’s page authority and domain authority.

This will give you an idea of whether the website is well-established or completely new. This, of course, doesn’t mean that all new websites are problematic –you just have to be more careful when trusting them.

So what exactly causes a domain authority score to go down?

1. Substandard content is a killer

It is not an easy task to generate business through a website. If you are running an online store for consumer electronics, it will not be the only option available to users. Why would buyers trust your brand and not what other companies are offering?

A lot would depend on the content of your website. It should be plagiarism free and have 100% readability. Unique content will increase your site’s popularity in search engines in the long run. Performing a plagiarism test of your content is essential to improve the quality of written work.

If someone gets bored after visiting your website, why would he spend time and go to the extent of spending money on your products? Low standard content has a negative impact on the domain authority score. Websites that do not refresh their content from time to time usually remain low on the DA score scale.

Quality content is very important and users should regularly get interesting information to read. Top-rated websites have fresh relevant content at all times. As a result, they have a high DA score.

Content originality is very important and professional websites put in a lot of effort into providing that. For example, the DA score definitely goes down if you have plagiarized content because top-notch content is mandatory to get a high one.

Refreshing information already published on the website does not mean that it should be unrelated. If the website is related to natural herbs, the content should not be connected to diet planning or financial strategies. If your website does not have a high score, check the quality of content being provided to the readers.

2. Do the backlinks actually work?

There is a big difference between having backlinks and having ones that work. A broken backlink is as bad as not having one. Both new and established websites have backlinks through which traffic is diverted to their pages. This means that the probability of getting sales leads increases.

If any of the links are broken, people who click them see a non-responsive page. This gives the impression that the website has technical flaws or is being updated. Apart from reducing the traffic count, the DA score also suffers as a result.

Website owners should always keep an eye on the domain authority score. If everything seems alright but the DA score is not increasing, each connected factor should be checked. Having broken links is a strong factor that causes problems. Check each backlink to ensure that it is working as it should.

3. The website layout and interface

What is the most integral sign of a good website? It has a simple interface that is adopted easily by people. Many users visit a website and all of them have different technical skill levels. Most of them are not prepared to spend time on complex layouts.

If you’re looking for a reputed brand for denim jeans, for example, the goal would be to buy the desired product. Why would you want to spend time trying to understand how the website of the brand operates? However, you would spend time on the site if the interface is easy.

Websites with a complex and hard to understand interface have fewer visitors. People do not want to spend time learning about how to navigate a site. If the DA score of a website is going down, website owners should analyze the complexity of the layout. Do users have a sitemap to go through different pages? In a nutshell, the layout should be modified if it’s hard to follow.

4. Page loading requires a lot of time

The perspectives of website owners and targeted customers are completely opposite. An owner should try his best to keep the website up and running in the best way. In addition to that, if there are slight technical problems, he would expect the buyer to understand and adjust. This rarely happens because online buyers only aim at getting the best products at the lowest prices and in the least possible time.

If you have a discount sale and the “add to cart” page is taking longer than usual to load, expect the profit volumes to plummet. It is very rare that buyers are prepared to wait if a website has performance problems. Slow loading pages harm the DA score. Websites that have a score of 70 or more are technically sound so their visitors do not have to face any performance-related problems.


Domain authority is an important factor used to check how good or bad a website is. Considering the number of scams taking place these days, it acts as a protective measure. Illegitimate brands can impressive website designs just to get the attention of buyers.

By knowing the domain authority of a site, the actual standard of that website can be determined.

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