Release Notes #46: Bug Fixes & Improvements

We share our latest updates, bug fixes, and improvements to Testomato with you in our Release Notes. Here’s a change log of our latest releases: You can now create Groups of checks and apply Multiple Rules to them. Create multiple checks at the same time. HTTP status checks are now merged into new Rules, allowing you to configure negative checks or check them using regular expressions. New option in Project Settings: Select a different user agent. You can now use Github, Facebook, or Google to login into your Testomato account. Page checks are now run from a second location if the first location fails to prevent false…

New Feature: Apply Rules to Multiple Pages

We’ve added Rules for Groups to allow you run a check on multiple web pages. You’ve been asking us for this feature, and we listened. Now, you can define a rule and apply it to a project or a group of checks. This has been one of our most requested features. Some of you have been kind enough to share your workflows with our team and told us it would be helpful to define a rule set for more than one page to avoid manually creating a new set each time. It took us awhile, and we’re very excited that it’s finally ready.

Release Notes #45: Bug Fixes & Improvements

Each week on our blog, we share our latest updates, bug fixes, and improvements to Testomato with you in our Release Notes. Here’s a change log of our latest release: 8 new monitoring test locations added to Testomato. New Testomato Pricing Plans Want to see another feature in Testomato for monitoring your website? Share your ideas with us You can also join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Introducing New Testomato Pricing Plans

You may have noticed we made a big change in Testomato recently! On Monday May 25, we updated our pricing plans. It’s very important to us that this process be as comfortable as possible for everyone, so we wanted to take the opportunity to explain why we decided to make this change and what it means for you. Why We Changed Our Pricing Plans As many of you know, Testomato has been evolving over the last couple of months. Since our acceptance to the seed accelerator program at StartupYard in Prague earlier this year, we have given some serious thought to where…

Uptime Monitoring

Check your website availability every 15 seconds.

We check your website uptime/downtime from 10 different locations around the world. Get alert when the website is down.

Website Checks

Run simple checks on certain pages every minute.

Check whatever you need: plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects, xpath, regex... to make sure your website is OK.

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website for common errors automatically.

Testomato has a large database of common errors and will send you notifications when we find one on your website.