Want to receive notifications right away when Testomato finds an issue with your website? You can use PagerDuty to receive alerts (SMS and iOS/Android push notifications) for all your Testomato incidents. Even better, you’ll also be able to keep track of any issues and notifications you receive directly on the PagerDuty dashboard.

Here’s how to set things up:

In Pagerduty

  1. Login to PagerDuty
  2. Select Services from the Configuration menu

3. if this is your first time setting up notifications, click +Add New Service on your Services page. If you already have a service in place to receive notifications/alerts from other companies, you’ll first need to click on the name of the service you want to add the integration to, then choose +New Integration.

Pagerduty Integration - Add new Service

4. Select the app you want to receive notifications from (in this case, Testomato) from the Integration Type menu and enter an Integration Name. If you are creating a new service for your integration, in General Settings, enter a Name for your new service. Then, in Incident Settings, specify the Escalation PolicyNotification Urgency, and Incident Behavior for your new service.

5. Click the Add Service or Add Integration button to save your new integration.

Pagerduty Integration Settings

6. Copy the Integration Key for your new integration:

Pagerduty Integration Key

In Testomato

1. Open the Instant Notifications Settings page in Testomato and then scroll down to PagerDuty integration.

Pagerduty Integration

2. Paste Service API key from Pagerduty

You’re all done!