December 6, 2022 by Vojtěch Semecký

Testomato Introduces SSL Certificate Monitoring

Testomato now offers SSL certificate monitoring for HTTPS websites — so you can always know when it’s about to expire.

Testomato Introduces SSL Certificate Monitoring

Website monitoring service Testomato is introducing a new feature you’ll love: SSL certificate monitoring for HTTPS websites. You will now receive notifications about the upcoming expiration of your SSL certificate in advance and also see in your project details how many days the certificate is still valid for.

HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate are important for websites

The days when encrypted HTTPS protocol was used only by banks and large e-shops are long gone. Today, every website should have an SSL certificate. Google favors sites with HTTPS in its results, while labeling WWW unencrypted sites as unsafe.

Website with an invalid or expired SSL certificate
A website with an invalid or expired SSL certificate

Until today, Testomato only notified you when your SSL certificate had already expired, because at this point all your website checks and uptime monitoring would fail. Now you can set up alerts several days in advance so you have time to fix things before they break.

SSL monitoring settings

Setting up SSL monitoring is very simple in Testomato. You just choose how many days in advance you want to be notified by email.

SSL certificate  monitoring settings
Setting up SSL/HTTPS monitoring is easy

You can always see the current status of your SSL certificate

Even if you don’t turn on notifications0 for SSL, you can still see when will your SSL certificate expire in the project details.

SSL certificate expiration status
You can always see the number of days remaining until the SSL certificate expires

Since SSL monitoring is available in all Testomato pricing plans, we recommend all customers enable and use SSL monitoring. HTTPS protocol is currently mandatory. Monitor your SSL certificate so that you know about its expiration in time.

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