May 22, 2020 by Diana Bocco

Why you Need Artificial Intelligence for SEO Success in 2020

SEO is continually evolving and the techniques and strategies that SEO experts were using a few years back are no longer valid.

Why you Need Artificial Intelligence for SEO Success in 2020

Those same old methods are considered spam and unethical practices now.

Search engines make changes to their algorithms regularly. In an effort to prevent irrelevant results from above the fold in SERPs, search engines employ artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. They are now capable of finding the best matching results for the keywords by evaluating the user intent and content quality and marking backlinks as either spam or relevant.

The application of AI and machine learning to search engines is a clear indication that it is the time to get familiar with AI and acquire tools that can help formulate strategies for SEO success.

Why is AI Important for SEO Success?

As soon as the search engines adopted AI technology, professional developers also started coding for different solutions in very similar technology. In 2020, all the SEO tools that used to comply with decade-old guidelines are obsolete now. AI has redefined SEO services as well –while marketers used to choose random keywords based on their ranking ease, now they need to use more intelligent strategies.

Old strategies were not very effective in bringing the target audience to a website, as these low-volume keywords were often deviating from the core business operation or user intent. As a result, the marketer would be unable to deliver results to the client. With AI, keyword selection and many other SEO tasks are simplified.

Here’s a breakdown of why you may need AI for SEO success in 2020.

Search engines are AI-based

One of the main reasons you need artificial intelligence for SEO success is that the search engines are themselves powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google’s RankBrain algorithm is an AI system that helps Google understand the most relevant results against a query by matching the context with the users’ intent.

Marketers need AI for SEO success as a diamond cut diamond strategy. Ranking a website in an era when the search engines are smart enough to understand a page and extract context from it, means that marketers also need to select AI tools wisely. They can get help from AI SEO tools offered by Moz, Yoast, and WordLift to select and optimize keywords, improve sentence structure, and manage content for better readability and usability.

AI-powered tools are capable of suggesting relevant images so that your web pages are optimized for images search too. When you use AI tools for content creation and curation, you can seek higher readability of the content –which in turn ranks you well in voice searches. You also need artificial intelligence to optimize your website for organic traffic coming from various mediums.

AI helps in creating insightful content

AI provides a helping hand in creating close-knit content marketing strategies so that you can reach out to your customers with the right message. Content marketing is about educating your potential consumers about their problems and issues they may be facing. Guessing their problems without data is not very doable.

With different AI tools, you can peek into consumer behavior and find insights to create a more compelling and informative message through content.

A data-driven content strategy can help companies achieve SEO success. Use AI to find the best performing platform or channel of communication with your target audience so that you can construct more powerful content.

Tools like Pave AI can assist websites in taking data from different analytics platforms and converting it into useful insights. These tools are capable of analyzing data from Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, and Facebook advertisements. They also help you understand what’s working fine and what needs improvement.

AI brilliantly personalizes the web experience

Sending a message to the masses is not effective at all. Enhancing the experience with personalized email messages starts with something simple — like having a message that starts with your name instead of using a generic title such as ‘Dear Consumer.’

AI helps you understand buyer persona so that you can personalize messages and product content as per individual consumers’ expectations. For example, you can create different versions of product pages to reach out to regional audiences. Their IP addresses may decide which page version to display. You can also tailor content around user actions such as menus and product lines.

Such an advanced level of personalization with AI helps you acquire and maintain a higher SEO score because it provides the users with an engaging experience. The users stay on websites as they find what they came looking for. Ultimately, it contributes to SEO success.

Another very useful AI tool is named ‘Can I Rank.’ This tool collects data from different SEO websites to help you sort out content with valuable recommendations. Based on the data, the tool suggests keywords so that you can evaluate their potential benefit for your website.

Final words

Search engines are advancing towards optimum user experience. If you regularly browse the web, you might have experienced getting irrelevant results a lot. The search robots were unable to understand the context; that is why most of the search results used to be vague. AI has changed that and helped search engines improve a lot.

Being a marketer or store owner, you need AI to tackle most of the SEO factors that are hard to understand and perform. With smart AI applications, you can optimize web pages for SEO, create insightful content, and personalize the user experience to ensure ultimate success.

**About the Author: Usman Ali is a Digital Marketer with good experience in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. He is currently working as an SEO Executive in FME Dubai, a leading web design and development company in Dubai. He is passionate about Digital Marketing and loves to write on various topics and express his thoughts in the form of write-ups. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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