November 23, 2015 by Diana Bocco

Why is Website Content So Important?

[guest post by Carol Williams]
It’s clear that great content is what can set your website apart from the masses and deliver your message into the hearts and minds of your target audience. Websites are successful mainly because of their content.

Why is Website Content So Important?

Elements like design, visuals or videos all play a role in making your content more attractive to your audience. Without attention grabbing headlines, effective taglines or engaging body text, your website won’t bring you benefits. Even if it’s a work of art – design simply doesn’t sell.

Here are a few tips to help make sure that your website content works to your benefit.

What kind of web content is important?

Not every type of web content will be relevant to building your digital presence. Here are the most important kinds of content you should focus on in your marketing campaign:

  • Blog content – you can post fresh content on your company blog several times a week or month, relating your blog topic to specific products and services. Don’t be “salesy” – you’re there to provide information to your audience and educate them about products.

  • Products and services content – a detailed explanation of your products and services will help you generate interest and inspire your audience to take action.

  • News and timely content – it’s a good idea to show your audience how your business is growing and its status in the industry. Sharing interesting news from the sector will position you as an expert in your topic. Outdated news on the main page only show that you don’t care about or don’t know how to prioritize your content.

  • Social media – content is key for an effective social media presence. Without a mix of entertaining and serious content to ponder upon, your brand won’t become associated with excitement or professionalism.

Customer research

It’s clear that creating content will push you to conduct a thorough market research first. Your initial step is to determine who are your high value customers (or HVC). This will help you to create personas for testing the content of your website.

You need to develop a strategy for targeting them – and it can be translated into other areas of marketing as well. Your slogans or taglines need to be focused on the wants and needs of these consumers. Otherwise, you simply won’t capture their attention. Every tagline must make a clear value proposition and include a call to action. Consumers need to be persuaded and inspired to take an action – from signing up to your newsletter to making a purchase.

Communication with target audience

Effective content doesn’t need to come in the form of text. In fact, user attention spans are getting increasingly shorter and large chunks of text won’t capture their attention. It’s paramount that visitors of your website understand the message without any effort.

To make communication swift and engaging, marketers have been using all kinds of visual content – ranging from simple images and video to animation, presentations, screenshots and image lists.

Custom-made videos are great for explaining your product or service, helping users to solve a problem. Data visualizations and infographics will also work to your favor – users love content backed up by quality data. By serving it in a digestible way, you’ll ensure that your content is attractive, can explain difficult concepts and help users in making a purchasing decision.

Boosting web traffic with visual content

Design can provide important support for your web content. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and they’re absolutely right! In web design, first impressions are very important. Great web design will guide user attention, helping visitors to quickly make sense of the website and your business offer.

Users are busy and usually quickly decide whether they want to pursue a website or not. Those few seconds are hardly enough to read anything – they’ll be looking at your design. That’s why you should make sure that it attracts their attention and fits their expectations of what your business should be like.

Images showing your product should be professional and original – it lends credibility to your business and allows customers to make a better-informed purchasing decision. Having custom photography on your website you’ll be able to weave into it your marketing messaging and brand.



Content marketing is all the rage right now and it’s here to stay. Marketing experts predict content to play an increasingly important role in marketing. There’s nothing better than promoting your content on social media to generate traffic to your website and improve its conversion rate.

Your content should be distributed through various social networks to reach different segments of your target audience – for example, when posting to Facebook or Twitter, you should never forget about other networks like LinkedIn.

A company blog can become the portal to developing a close relationship with your customers – your content will help them solve problems, make better-informed decisions or simply enjoy themselves.

Content marketing works great for establishing trusted lines of communication with your customers, and build your brand credibility in the process. You’ll become an expert in your niche and sharing your expertise will allow you to build meaningful relationships with the audience.

SEO & Google Rankings

Posting a selection of relevant, valuable and updated information on your website will have a positive impact on your search engine optimization (SEO). First of all, blog posts are great for boosting organic search rankings and will have a direct impact on your Google rank.

Moreover, creating content you’ll be forced to examine your business offer and develop your best keywords. Scattering them around your web content, you’ll ensure that it’s relevant and that search engines can quickly index it and bring it forward to customers searching for these keywords.

Content creation helps you become more aware of your position in search rankings, and your work on keywords will assist you in delivering a strong and convincing message to your target audience.

How to create great content?

Needless to say, good content doesn’t come for free. It’s in your best interest to hire a professional copywriter who will be able to deliver great copy for your website. The investment is definitely worth it.

Publishing high-quality content on your website will bring you many benefits. You’ll develop your brand, improve your SEO, gain a reputation as an expert, drive in more traffic to your website and develop a meaningful relationship with your audience.

** About the author: Carol Williams is part of the marketing team behind Honeybells brand from Florida. She is an enthusiastic tutor lecturing about the potential of the internet and anything digital for personal and professional development. She develops her educating passion at work and in her private time.

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