January 3, 2013 by Roman Ožana

What Is Testomato?

As Testomato prepares to take that final leap out of beta, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our main features to those of you who aren’t familiar with our service.

So, what is Testomato? 

Testomato is an automated error testing service designed to keep your website running smoothly. Currently, we make sure:

  1. Your website is online
  2. All your links and page elements are working properly
  3. There are no errors in your forms

How does it work? 

It’s easy to get started. Just type in your website and click CREATE TESTS!

Create Tests

Choose how often you want us to run your tests automatically and SAVE!

set automated interval

Want to add another test? No problem! Add a test to a project in just one step.

add tests to your project

You can easily configure your tests to check pages for specific text strings or missing strings!

configure tests for specific text strings

We find your forms and automatically create tests for them! Just fill in your params, save, and we do the rest!

form tests are created automatically

It’s easy to add new users to your projects! You can also create/delete custom roles for each user.

add users and roles to projects

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of Testomato! Track your tool usage using Achievement.

track your tool usage

Receive email notifications about your test results! We let you know immediately, so you can fix it fast!

email notifications of tests results

Try out our beta version today: http://beta.testomato.com/

Have more questions? Feel free to email us: testomato@wikidi.com. You can also find us on Facebook or on Twitter @testomatocom. We’re here to help!

Is your website available? Testomato can check your website availability every 15 seconds from 10 different locations around the world and will send you an alert if the site is unavailable.

Keep track of the important parts of your website with simple checks that can run every minute. They can check plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects … and much more. Never miss anything.

Websites break, it happens all time. You'll be the first to know. Testomato has an extensive database of and will let you know if it finds any error on monitored url.