November 18, 2016 by Diana Bocco

Is Your Website Blocking Your Sales Lead Pipeline?

Why aren’t sales leads streaming in from your website? Is it the competition? The wrong marketing approach? Not sure?

Is Your Website Blocking Your Sales Lead Pipeline?

When it comes to online lead generation marketing, the company website can be the company’s biggest enemy. In this infographic created by Straight North, PPC services provider in the Chicago area, the “Lead Generation Ecosystem,” you’ll immediately notice the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon is the biggest piece of the puzzle.

Rightfully so, as nearly all lead generation marketing involves bringing qualified traffic into the company website, where visitors either submit a form or phone in — or leave. If a website is not effective in turning passive visitors into active inquirers, no amount of marketing investment will move the lead generation dial.

By ramping up the quality and persuasive appeal of website content, adding visual content, and making the website as user-friendly as possible, you’ll start seeing more leads and better leads.

Beyond the website, use the infographic as a model for your online marketing — if all the pieces are in place, you’ll start to displace competitors!

testomato infographic

** About the Author: With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a B2B Internet marketing agency in Chicago. He has been featured on many leading online publications, including Moz, American Marketing Association and Entrepreneur.

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