March 14, 2014 by Roman Ožana

6 Reasons Why Web-Based Software Is a Smarter Choice


SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), or web-based software has been growing in popularity as a way for developers and companies to reduce their costs without having to compromise on the quality of the applications they use.

Since Testomato is an online application, we think it’s important for you to understand why we’re such big fans.

So, we’ve put together 6 reasons why we think web-based software is a smarter choice.

A quick definition:

SaaS or web-based software is software you access over the internet in your web browser.

1) You rent, you don’t buy.

In the past, you were required to buy and maintain your own IT infrastructures (often at substantial personal cost). SaaS programs are essentially rented by the user, which helps reduce the up-front cost (especially if you need to run a program across multiple computers).

2) You can access your software anytime, anywhere.

The modern-day worker often needs use applications from wherever they might happen to be – their home, a cafe, or a hotel room. Whether you’re an employee or a freelancer, working outside of an office is growing in popularity and having flexible access to software is crucial. With web-based applications, all users need is connection to the internet.

3) Your data is safer and organized in one place.

Generally, the equipment and systems used to protect the data in web-based software are more advanced than those used in traditional software. Data is usually backed up multiple times a day and stored on enterprise-class servers. On the downside, this means you don’t have complete control over your own data and must trust someone else with it.

On the other hand, you also get the advantage of having your data available in one centralized place.

4) Someone else does the heavy lifting.

Although Testomato is designed for a more technical user base, one of the upsides to web-based software is that technical knowledge is not essential. There’s no need to deal with servers, data backups, maintenance, or upgrades. This is beneficial for everyone (even in our case) since it frees up time to focus on more important aspects of your website or business.

5) You only pay for what you need.

It’s always an advantage when you can cut costs, and SaaS software often offers the ability to pay for the functionality you need. Data limits and feature restriction gives you more flexible control over your software and can help you save money more money in the long run.

6) There’s a team that cares.

Although some may view SaaS solutions as backed by lean-obssessed teams that lack experience, this is definitely not a blanket statement. In fact, I’d say because project teams want you to stick around and keep using their product, they’re willing to work much harder to keep you happy. Rather than simply selling a set product once, web-based software teams must be committed to offering support, listening to feedback, and work with you to offer changes that fit your needs.

Do you prefer web-based or traditional software?

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