It’s about building trust and faith in your company, and inspiring repeated custom from individuals who you know to be interested in your offerings. In this sense, digital marketing is absolutely integral to your customer retention plans, and this article goes into some detail as to how the world of digital marketing can help to resolve your custom retention woes. By reminding the customer of your stellar company, they’ll find their way back to you.


First and foremost, you’ll need to know which customer you’re targeting. There’s no use trying to put together a customer retention plan without knowing which web users have used your product or service, and which are simply users surfing the web. After all, you’ll want to test the success of your strategy after putting it into practice. Use digital data, stored on Microsoft CSP, to analyze the profiles of the customers you’re looking to tempt back into the fold. The insights you reveal will be what you base your digital marketing strategy on, so you need to ensure this step is conducted efficiently before you proceed.


Once you’ve selected the customers who you’re trying to appeal to once more, you’ll want to begin creating the digital content that’ll be the backbone of your digital marketing campaign. This can be anything and everything from music and video through to long-form journalistic articles or multimedia content. What’s important is that you’re curating content that gets the right message across, that the customer you’re attempting to retain is in some way tapped and reminded that your company still exists and still offers some fabulous goods and services that he or she might very much like to sample once more.


To test the success of a digital marketing campaign, you’ll need the digital data that got it up and running in the first place. You need to test the click-through rates, how many targeted individuals saw the content you put out, and whether or not return customer sales were boosted by your efforts. This is all enabled by digital data in the digital marketing realm, which means that after enacting a marketing strategy, you’ll be able to follow its successes or failures live by simply watching the way the data plays.


Now you have your strategy up and running; it’s time to react to the feedback you’re getting from the digital data. On the one hand, this is a trial and error game. But on the other, it’s a finely-tuned process of getting your content just right so that it appeals and applies to the highest number of individuals possible, drawing them in to use your business. Digital marketing is a responsive and reactive business, and as such, this is the last part of your journey to improve your customer retention: to streamline your content as well as possible.

These tips should help you use digital marketing to improve your rates of custom retention.