April 11, 2017 by Diana Bocco

How to Use Behavior Analysis to Maximize Marketing Budget

Changes to your brand messaging today can have a dramatic impact on your customers tomorrow. 

How to Use Behavior Analysis to Maximize Marketing Budget

Few brands know that better than Bed Bath & Beyond. For years, the home retailer has sent 20 percent coupons to its customers. Today, no one enters the store without that coupon in their hands. Through behavioral analysis, Bed Bath & Beyond knows that if it were to pull those coupons today, the customer base wouldn’t return. In today’s toxic retail environment where every brick and mortar location is competing with Amazon, nobody can afford to create marketing campaigns that customers disagree with.

While Bed Bath & Beyond provides a strong example of industry analysis, it also highlights the value of behavioral analysis. When brands make changes to their marketing messages or their products, they need to evaluate the types of customers that will be affected and understand how this will affect their core audience. Without the right research, they could be isolating loyal customers while appealing to the wrong types of buyers. A bad marketing campaign could isolate potential for years and cost a brand thousands in damage control.

Check out CopyPress’ whitepaper on behavioral analysis to better understand the value of conducting audience research before making major changes. A little research before a campaign launch could save you thousands of marketing dollars while boosting your odds of revenue success. At the very least, it will prevent you from having to backtrack your message or make dramatic changes halfway through the campaign.

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