April 26, 2013 by Roman Ožana

Understanding Your Testomato Error Report

In today’s post we’ll go over the different types of errors in our reports and the meaning of each error. 

Error reports are meant to document when an error occurs on a website or in an application. Not only is it a great way to ensure you don’t forget about resolving it, but it’s useful for making sure that everyone is clear on what the error is.

What’s in my report?

We’ve kept our reports simple (just like the rest of Testomato). A standard report will contain the following information:

  • Which project you have an error in
  • Which test from the project failed
  • What type of error occurred
  • When your tests were run

See the example screenshot below:


And, what do each of these errors mean? 

Test Timeout

Your page download timed out, meaning the time required for its download exceeded the value in your project settings. This could mean that your server is overloaded, down, offline, or your network could be experiencing problems with our servers. If everything seems to be normal, try running your project tests again.

Incorrect Status Code 

The server responded with a different HTTP status code than expected.

Page Not Found

Your server returned an HTTP Status 404, meaning the page being tested does not exist.

Server Error

Your server failed to respond with the standard response for successful HTTP request (e.g. 200) and instead, returned a different status code (e.g. 500). Make sure to contact your server administrator for further support.

Incorrect Redirection Status Code

The server responded with a bad redirection HTTP status (e.g. 301, 302). You should check the configuration of your web server host/application.

Incorrect Redirection Location 

The server performed a redirection that brings users to an incorrect location. You should check the configuration of your web server host/application.

No Redirection Detected 

Your page failed to perform a redirection.

Error Message Text Found

An error message was found in the page content of your project.

PHP Error Message Found

A PHP error message was found in your page content, indicating a problem within your application.

MySQL Error Message Found

A MySQL error message was found in your page content, indicating a problem with either your application or a database.

Xdebug Output Found

Xdebug output was found in your page content. If this error occurs, you might need to double check that the PHP “display_errors” configuration option is set to “Off”.

Tracy Output Failure

Output from the Nette debugging tool, Tracy, was found in your application. Please make sure your application is running in production mode.

Missing Text

A text string you have configured a check for was not found to be present on your page.

Text Found

We found a text string on your page, which shouldn’t be present.

Minicrawler Error

Testomato was unable to download your page using Minicrawler, the tool we use to download pages. If this error occurs, be sure to contact our team immediately for further support at info@testomato.com.

Unexpected Error Application 

If you see this message, it means that Testomato has experienced an unexpected error from our end, and are already doing our best to resolve the issue!

Was this helpful for you? What else could we include in our reports? 

Feel free to share your own thoughts or suggestions in our comments below – it is always great to get your input! You can also find us on Facebook and @testomatocom.

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