Most of our users use Testomato to test their web projects, but our team likes experimenting with other ways our service can be used.

track app prices

Roman, one of our senior developers, has been using Testomato to track app prices for an app that he’s interested in buying on iTunes.

He’s been wanting to get 1Password for his computer at work, but would prefer not to pay the slightly pricey $49.99 for the Mac App.

So, he decided to use Testomato to alert him to any changes in price and hopefully save a few bucks at the same time!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Create a new project for

create project

2. Delete all the tests automatically generated in the initial test suite.

apple project dashboard

3. Click Add test.

4. Add the URL for the app you’d like to track (e.g. 1Password) and name your new test.

add itunes test

5. Click Expectations and select my text string. Copy the price of the app (e.g. $49.99) and paste it in the string box search.

configure pricing

6. Click Save.

7. Return to Project Settings Run automatically. Select the interval you’d like Testomato to check the price.

apple itunes project settings

8. Click Save settings.

And, you’re all set! If there’s a change in price, the test will fail, and Testomato will send you an email notification!

Pretty awesome, right?

Are you using Testomato in a cool and exciting way?

We’d love to hear about it. Share with us in the comments or on Facebook. You can also find us @testomatocom