July 27, 2017 by Diana Bocco

Top 7 Tips To Make Your SEO More Productive

Search engine optimization is more than a trend – it is a necessity if you want your web page to get enough visitors to make your business competitive.

Top 7 Tips To Make Your SEO More Productive

SEO allows you to grow your business and save money you would spend on advertising. However, implementing SEO in such a way that would allow you a fast-growing number of visitors takes a lot of work. More than that, it takes some practical knowledge and tricks that you either learn yourself or from SEO experts. In order to help you grow your productivity in SEO and get more visitors faster, we are letting you in on a few tricks that you can use.

Avoid common mistakes

If you implemented SEO on your page and the results are not satisfying, then you must be doing something wrong. High-traffic keywords are not always helpful – sometimes it’s hard to get to the front page even with most popular keywords. The reason for this lies in the fact that the same keywords are being used by competition that already has a large pool of visitors. The same goes if you’re using generic keywords instead of being more specific. In short, good SEO is not doing what everyone else does. Good SEO is doing what best fits your business and your brand.

Use long-tail keywords

This is one of the best moves you can make in order to make your business grow with the help of SEO. Short keywords are vague, they don’t carry enough information and they put you in a much larger group of websites. If you use long-tail keywords you will be more specific and thus attract visitors that are interested in what you have to offer.

For example, if you are selling sports equipment, it’s not good enough to place short keyword like “sports equipment”. Long-tail keywords like “sports equipment retail USA” brings the audience that you need.

Keep your content original

This will help you avoid more than just copyright infringement. If you publish content taken from some other web page, it will affect your search ranking. To avoid these problems you can use online tools that will let you know if your content is free of plagiarism.

Keep in mind your site’s navigation and internal links

Search engines love websites with high PageRank flow. Make sure that pages that have little or duplicate content have as little as possible internal links. This will stop pages like “About Us,” “Contact,” and others eat up the PageRank flow from those pages that carry actual value.

Use meta description

Meta descriptions have little influence in search engine ranking. However, they can be a smart marketing move. With a clever meta description, you can generate more clicks and build your number of hits. Make sure that each page on your website has a proper meta description. In addition, meta titles are also a smart thing to have for each page.

Load speed optimization

It’s important that your website’s load speed is optimized. This can help you increase the number of visitors that become customers. There is a number of tools that you can use to check your website’s load speed. Once you get the results and see what parts of your code or content take a long time load, you can optimize them. This way you will increase your load time and help your website get a higher search engine ranking.

Don’t try too hard

Keyword density was important a few years ago but now it holds little or no impact on your ranking. Better than writing sentences that seem unnatural, create original content that holds value to your visitors. This way people will enjoy reading your content, they will come back again and share your work. Poor content won’t help you, no matter how many keywords you place within.

Search engine optimization is a process that can help you really grow your business and your conversion rate. However, search engines are changing their algorithms all the time and the actions you need to take in order to optimize your page are always changing. Something that was crucial a few years ago, now has no impact on your SEO. This is why it’s important to stay informed and understand that SEO is a never-ending process.

What SEO tactics do you think brings the most visitors to your web page? Do you perform SEO yourself or you prefer hiring an expert?

** About the Author: Mia Stokes uses her writing skills to help people find something useful, informative and relevant to their interests through her website.

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