August 25, 2016 by Diana Bocco

Top 7 Free Tools to Find Converting Keywords for Business – Part I

Finding relevant keywords and using it on a website is among the core activities of search engine optimization.

Top 7 Free Tools to Find Converting Keywords for Business – Part I

[guest post by Alastair Brian]

It is basically finding exactly the same phrases or words that a layman type in a search bar with variation in your product and regional specific terms.

Keywords are generally searched according to the common terms used in an industry, whereas to explore more converting and user-friendly search terms, different tools and applications are used. There are various free and paid tools that give detailed insights about a set of keywords like monthly searches, worth for bidding, the level of competition, and lots of other. The most useful and influential tools are listed below for your convenience.

1. Google Adwords


Google Adwords is a complete keyword planning application that leads the rest of the helping tools and is available free of cost. In order to use this powerful tool, you need to sign up for an Adwords accounts, you can do it with a single Gmail account.

Unlike the readily available tools which provide you simple variations, Google Adwords offers an advanced feature that suggests synonyms to your search query. You can have the statistics about keywords to help you easily perform competitor analysis.


  • Customize keyword search with a landing page, product category
  • Select a language, country and search engine to target
  • With negative keywords, you can remove the unwanted search terms from the list
  • Filter the search by monthly volume or bid price
  • And, lots of other useful features

2. Keyword Eye


Keyword Eye offers a free plan that allows you to search for up to 10 keywords a day, about 100 suggestions in a report, and 25 country specific keyword databases from Google. Being used by more than 50,000 users worldwide, you can trust the tool for getting fruitful results while hunting for the key business phrases.


  • Customization query search
  • Display results in a grid and word cloud view
  • Option to visualize search data
  • Easy comparison of different keywords



Serpstat is a comprehensive online tool that gives you insights and analytics about keywords for SEO and content marketing. The reports are presented in a meaningful manner that gives you a clear understanding the competitive phrases that are in practice by the competitor and the one you can use to boost website rankings. This tool is recommended for its momentous help and support for the varying level of skills you possess. With instant guidance, a beginner can get an idea about this application and use it without acquiring any expertise.


  • Evaluate domains separately for analytics
  • Auto compete feature available
  • Select the display all suggestions or according to your preference



Keyword IO gives you the quick analysis of a key phrase with a regional focus. It requires you to enter a search query and select a country where you intend to expose your products and services. By clicking the ‘Analyze’, the tool will come up with a collection of keywords along with the trends with the time different and some newly introduced keywords that can be used for reaching potential customers. It also helps you find top 10 search engine results that are carried forward from Google for your ease.


  • Easy to use interface for searching keywords
  • A list of keywords is sorted in alphabetical order
  • The suggestion list is downloadable
  • It also speculates relevant URLs for the search query you enter

**About the Author: Alastair Brian represents FMEModules, a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Addons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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