July 30, 2018 by Diana Bocco

Top 6 Best SEO Tools for Beginners

To get any work done, you need the relevant tools to help you accomplish your task.

Top 6 Best SEO Tools for Beginners

For example, you can’t build a home without the essential tools required for construction, such as concrete, hammer, nails, or wooden planks.

Similarly, if you want your brand to be known on the infinite world of the internet then you need specific tools that will help you increase your rank on Google Search Results — the best SEO tools available, to be precise.

Let’s see what 2018 has to offer when it comes to getting started with SEO.


Primarily used for research and analysis, Ahrefs comes completely equipped with all that you need to increase the SEO of your website.

From keyword research to site explorers, backlink analysis to domain comparison, and more, Ahrefs has exceptional features that are most favored by thousands of online marketers and small business owners. Even the top dogs of the business sector rely on Ahrefs for their SEO.


Whitespark is a Canadian-based company with a suite of SEO tools for large and small businesses alike. You can uncover the best link prospects with the Link Prospector and enhance your link building opportunities.

The Local Citation Factor is the distinguishing feature of Whitespark. It helps your increase your local SEO, allowing you to rank higher in the local search results of Google Results page and making it an essential SEO tool for small or new businesses.

SEM Rush

A necessary aspect of any business is to monitor your competition; if you’re going to compete in a race, you can’t go in blind without knowing at least a little about your potential competitors.

That is where SEM Rush steps in; they not only provide keyword analysis but also give you complete research on your competition, including their best backlinks, keywords, and even content.

Google Analytics

More than merely increasing your ranking on Google Search Results, you also need to monitor the source of most of your traffic. Google Analytics helps you keep track of your web traffic as well as the keywords people use that helps them land on your page. It will enable you to optimize your keywords to get more traffic.

Majestic SEO

Majestic is a World Class SEO tool known for its extensive link index database. It is a backlink checker and site explorer that provides the user detailed reports about relevant domain’s citation flow, keywords used, anchor texts, even a backlink history that you can compare for up to 5 URLs, simultaneously.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is your rank tracker and SERP monitoring tool that gives you the insight on your keywords, their ranks and search volume for a particular country, city or even a postal code. It is a handy SEO tool to have when targeting a specific audience or locality.


Whether you agree or not, SEO is an essential part of any online business. Most of the tools are either free or offer free trial periods for you to get the hang of things. However, before you begin building your SEO, you need to construct a website that looks professional and will attract readers. There are many website builders available nowadays and many discount coupons you can use to set them up easily and without spending a fortune.

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