June 21, 2023 by Testomato

The 3 Most Entertaining Ways to Improve Website Optimization

Website optimization can feel like a heavy load of planning, strategizing, expertise, and analyzing.

The 3 Most Entertaining Ways to Improve Website Optimization

While this is true to an extent, there are some entertaining aspects of optimizing your website for user experience, boosting sales, and improving SEO.

For instance, writing a blog can be an enjoyable and perhaps even relaxing and cathartic experience for a business owner who has a platform to lay bare their thoughts and advice for others. Engaging with the influencer community can also be a lot of fun that ultimately brings financial reward, while the use of appropriate and engaging images on your website gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction along with a lift to optimization.

With each of these three aspects, this post will explore how they can entertain and how they improve optimization.

1. Create a Blog

There are hundreds of tips online on how to run a successful blog as part of your small business, and it is not difficult to see why. Now a huge part of SEO and digital marketing, blogs are essential to drawing in traffic from search engine results pages and social media, keeping visitors on your website for longer, and directing them to your sales and contact pages – the places you really want them.

When incorporated into a killer SEO strategy, blogs can really boost your online presence. For help with SEO strategy and digital marketing campaigns, Click Intelligence are market leaders in providing advice and support on a whole host of topics.

A digital marketing agency with years of expertise such as the aforementioned can show you how to use blog pages to excellent effect, but it is up to you to make them entertain and engage. This is where fun and creativity come in, as you can decide to make your blog funny, informative, innovative, or serious, pulling on your wordsmith cap to draw in new customers.

2. Contact Influencers

Using influencers is a great deal of fun and gives you instant satisfaction at seeing your product advertised and promoted by famous online faces. By matching your product to an influencer, you will create inbound links from their social media pages, boosting SEO and ideally sales, too.

This can be hugely entertaining as you get creative with your collaborations. While behind-the-scenes marketing and optimization are key foundations to success, there is little more exciting than seeing an influencer sell your product or service to thousands of followers.

3. Use Appropriate and Engaging Images

Images on your website actually hold a high level of importance in optimization. Your SEO strategy can be on point in every other aspect, but if your images are not sized to perfection, complete with optimized file names, image titles, and alt tags, they could be holding you back.

Making your website look fantastic by including pictures that adapt to different screen sizes and have engaging captions is a thoroughly enjoyable experience with instant gratification. You will appear more professional, engage customers’ attention better, and help your website climb up search engine results pages.

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