February 1, 2013 by Roman Ožana

Testomato Project Settings

We’ve got another feature spotlight for you! Our post today will cover the project settings that are available to users in Testomato.

Once you’ve created a project, you can choose to customize your settings (see screenshot below).

Settings Screen

The following options are available to users:

Choose a name

If you don’t want to keep the URL as the name of the project, create a custom name so that you and your team can easily identify the website.

Choose a name

Choose a test interval

Configure your test suites to run automatically at a time that suits you:

  • never
  • every hour
  • every 8 hours
  • every day
  • every week
set an interval

Choose a timeout speed

Tests are normally configured with a timeout speed setting of 7 seconds (after this period, tests will be marked as failed with a “Timeout”). To increase the period, simply enter a new time in the Timeout box.

Timeout period

Delete a project

You can also choose to permanently delete a project once you are finished with it.

Delete project

(Note: You can also choose to stop participating in a project by clicking Leave project. This option is only visible if the project has more than one user.)

Select the options you want, click Save, and your done!

It’s easy! See for yourself at: http://beta.testomato.com.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us: testomato@wikidi.com. You can also leave us a comment below or on Facebook, or tweet it to us @testomatocom. Don’t be shy – we like to hear from our users!

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