August 7, 2014 by Roman Ožana

How to Test Two Environments Using Testomato

It’s a nerve-wracking experience to deploy a release to production without knowing if something has broken somewhere on your site during the process.

Most of the time, differences between your staging and stable versions cause production to break after a release. So, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of testing both of your environments.

We’ve pulled together a quick tutorial to show you how to use Testomato to test two environments so you can find problems before they hit your public site and catch any live errors that will directly affect your visitors.

Here’s how to configure Testomato to test two environments:

  1. Sign into your Testomato account.
  2. Add a project for each of your environments.Use the URL of your staging environment for the first project and the URL of your stable environment as the second project.two environments testingImportant Note: At the moment, we do not support HTTP authentication. You will need a public URL of your staging application in order to run tests.
  3. In project settings, set up tests to run automatically.project settings
  4. Click Save settings.

Other Alternatives for Advanced Users

You can also choose to test from your command line using the Testomato API with the following command:

wget[projectid]/start?apiKey=[your key]

The URL to use for your post commit script can be found in your project settings:

testomato api

You can also download our command line tool Apimato to execute Testomato API tasks after a release.

  • Start Project URL: Run tests for a project.
  • Project Results URL: View test results for a project.

To learn more about using our API, check out the Testomato Help Docs. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Are you testing two environments with Testomato? What other tips do you have? 

Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook. You can also tweet us directly @testomatocom.

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