January 8, 2015 by Roman Ožana

Team Roundup #4: Great Web Development Reads

We’re big readers at Testomato, so we pulled together a roundup of some of our favorite finds from last month to share with you!

Here are some great web development reads to check out on your next coffee break:

The Top UX Trends of 2014


A curated rundown of the top UX trends of 2014 (both good and bad), chosen by UX Magazine. Trends range from the comeback of social media to the rising popularity of the “desktop hamburger menu”.

It’s a nice overview of the biggest ways UX landscape changed, and a look at some of the predictions from last year that came true.

10 Web Predictions for 2015

Craig Buckler takes a peek at what he thinks is coming next for the web in 2015!

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Better responsive image support across desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Increased interest around Web Components.
  • Node.js will go mainstream.
  • Framework fatigue will cause developers to migrate to smaller, feature-specific components.
  •  Google’s facing its toughest year yet, but at least Chrome will exceed 50% market share during the first quarter.
  • IE will fall below Firefox.
  • Mobile device usage will rise to 50% and Skype translator will transform the world.
  • And our personal favorite: 2015 will be the year to re-evaluate and prioritize performance. 

If prediction lists are your thing, you might also find this article interesting: CSS You Can Get Excited About in 2015.

40 free resources every designer should know


Working on a project and wondering where designers find the right resources to help them out?

You’ll enjoy this useful list from The Next Web of 40 free resources including sites, PSD. files, actions, UI elements, mock ups, and more.

Creative Mornings: Crossover – David Hieatt

David Hieatt talks about why the point where all your interests, skills, and passions crossover is where you should aim to be. He discusses his own experience with having a vision, following through on ideas, and how this has helped him with his own business.

One of our favorite quotes:

“Purpose gives you steel.”

David is the co-founder of @HiutDenim and @dolectures. He’s also the author of Do Purpose.

Why Remote Teams Are the Future (and How to Make Them Work)

Help Scout makes a case for why telecommuting is the future and why remote teams have the potential to outperform those in an in-office environment with the right adjustments.

This post shares useful advice and insight about ways the Help Scout team has made the most of remote working.

Free Vector App Store Badges


A nice button pack by Kevin Lee, which includes the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.



Want to create particle effects on your website? Try this lightweight JavaScript library by Vincent Garreau for creating particles!

You might also want to take a look at the CodePen and Github demos.



A useful JavaScript animation library focused on moving things around fast and cheaply. Written by Daniel Lundin, the goal was (and is) to create a library that allows for smoother animations without requiring too much knowledge about browser rendering.

You can check out two very cool snabbt.js demos here and here!

Bonus: What is freemium? (video)

Vooza is the video comic strip about the startup world. They share a new video each week with their audience. Their parodies about modern tech are not only on target, but we like a good laugh!

Check out this video about the tech buzzword “freemium”, and how it involves slaves, French babies, and going out of business.

What have you been reading lately? We’d love to hear your suggestions! 

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