10 Things to Remember When Testing Your Website

Sometimes all it takes to make sure you’re not caught unawares is following a checklist. Every developer has been there. The point when, after all the long hours of hard work, it’s time for your website or online application to go live. Crossing your fingers and hoping that nothing goes wrong is not enough to guarantee a smooth transition after you release your public version. Even after all the work, things can still go wrong if you’re not well prepared. As you are well aware, there is a lot more to websites than meets the eye. Websites and applications often…

Test Driven Development and Testomato

Testing can be a pain. It’s also one of the first things we skip when deadlines are looming or when the temptation to cut a few corners gets the better of us. Unfortunately, not testing has its consequences and this could mean many a late night chugging coffee and cursing yourself. We’re all about making testing easier and more effective, which is why our post today will give you a brief overview of test-driven development. Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development process, which employs very short development cycles that are repeated over time. TDD employs a technique in which the testing…

Uptime Monitoring

Check your website availability every 15 seconds.

We check your website uptime/downtime from 10 different locations around the world. Get alert when the website is down.

Website Checks

Run simple checks on certain pages every minute.

Check whatever you need: plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects, xpath, regex... to make sure your website is OK.

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website for common errors automatically.

Testomato has a large database of common errors and will send you notifications when we find one on your website.