How to Remove Testomato from Your Access Logs

Don’t let Testomato fill up your access logs.  Uptime monitoring and periodical testing can end up adding a crazy amount of useless data to your access logs since they list all the requests for individual files that people have requested from your site. We pulled together a short guide to show you how to remove Testomatobot  from your Nginx and Apache access logs to avoid generating a lot of unimportant data. The Problem with Bots In case you don’t already know, Testomatobot is the toolset we use to download page content, send web forms, and access other resources to test according to…

New User Tutorial & Upcoming Features

The Testomato team is happy to announce that we’ve put together a short user tutorial and it’s ready for action! The tutorial was created to introduce our basic features to those who are new to Testomato. However, it will also be available to our existing users as well as a quick guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of your tests! The tutorial covers the following: Adding projects to your user account Adding new tests to your projects How to schedule your test suites Managing your notifications While this is an exciting extra that we’ve been working hard…

A few posts back, we discussed how to automate a login form test, but what about other types of forms you might find on your website? In today’s post, we’ll show you how to automate a search form test using Testomato. Is testing the search function important? We don’t have to tell you how important search is for the visitors or users of a website. Developers and designers alike know that search is a key functionality for accessibility and usability – so what happens if it’s not working properly? The search function is so common that when we come across websites,…

Understanding Your Testomato Error Report

In today’s post we’ll go over the different types of errors in our reports and the meaning of each error.  Error reports are meant to document when an error occurs on a website or in an application. Not only is it a great way to ensure you don’t forget about resolving it, but it’s useful for making sure that everyone is clear on what the error is. What’s in my report? We’ve kept our reports simple (just like the rest of Testomato). A standard report will contain the following information: Which project you have an error in Which test from…

Uptime Monitoring

Check your website availability every 15 seconds.

We check your website uptime/downtime from 10 different locations around the world. Get alert when the website is down.

Website Checks

Run simple checks on certain pages every minute.

Check whatever you need: plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects, xpath, regex... to make sure your website is OK.

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website for common errors automatically.

Testomato has a large database of common errors and will send you notifications when we find one on your website.