How to Use Random Values to Test Your Forms

We recently talked about different ways to test signup forms using Testomato. At the time, we didn’t support random values in our form tests. This meant that users needed to run an extra script in order to create a new user each time a form was tested. A lot of you asked us about random form values, so we added this feature to make testing forms even easier! With this new update in mind, we’ve pulled together a quick tutorial to show you how to use random form values. Let’s get started! Here’s how we set up our dashboard: Login to your…

3 Big Benefits of Automated Testing

Speed and robustness are absolute requirements for the survival of modern websites and applications. Failures or performance issues can end up costing business their reputation and hurt their rankings in search engines. Development teams are expected to deliver high-quality products, and at the same time, under pressure to keep costs low. For many teams, implementing automated testing into their development process is the best way to use their resources and time efficiently. We pulled together a short list to help you understand some of the ways automated testing can help you make the most out of your time and resources. More time to spend on other…

Testing Locations for Testomato Projects

The team is always working hard to find ways to improve the quality of our testing. So, we’re excited to introduce our newest feature – testing locations for Testomato projects! How It Works The Testomatobot is Testomato’s crawling tool, which we use to download the HTML code of your page content. Testing locations means Testomatobot now downloads pages and measures response time from 2 different places: Europe (Prague) US (Chicago, IL) Once we’ve downloaded your content, the data is transferred back to our central location where it’s processed, saved, and any necessary notifications are sent. When you add a new project in Testomato, we use your server…

3 Different Ways to Test a Signup Form

We’ve seen with Testomato projects and know from personal experience how important forms are for online projects. They’re how users sign up to join a service, join newsletters, submit enquiries, and how sales are made. Forms can also be one of the most common areas for problems on websites, particularly on those that have just launched. So, it’s important to test and make sure they’re working properly! A user recently asked us how to test signup forms in Testomato, so we pulled together a short guide to show you the testing options you have available. A Quick Word about Form Testing As you might…

Envtesting: Environment Testing to Verify Settings

Do you run your application on multiple servers? Do you have separate environments for production and development? How many have you found errors in your application or had it break completely as a result of a different setting or condition in your environment? Trying to detect errors in your environment can end up costing you or your admin long unproductive hours. As you search for bugs, you’ve probably asked yourself any number of questions: Is the application actually connected to the database? Did I remember to adjust the access rights correctly? Am I allowed to write to the /tmp directory or…

This article was originally written in Czech by Testomato and Wikidi tester Barbora Urbancova. It has been translated and posted here with her permission.  You need to test.  We’ve all heard it before, but how often does it actually happen? I’ve spoken with a lot of friends on this topic, who work in corporates or smaller companies where programming is dictated by contracts and deadlines. It’s not uncommon for them say something like: “Of course we should test, but no one ever has time. Even our project managers usually tell us to skip testing. If we do have tests and one fails, we’re told to comment it out…

How to Test Two Environments Using Testomato

It’s a nerve-wracking experience to deploy a release to production without knowing if something has broken somewhere on your site during the process. Most of the time, differences between your staging and stable versions cause production to break after a release. So, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of testing both of your environments. We’ve pulled together a quick tutorial to show you how to use Testomato to test two environments so you can find problems before they hit your public site and catch any live errors that will directly affect your visitors.

Uptime Monitoring

Check your website availability every 15 seconds.

We check your website uptime/downtime from 10 different locations around the world. Get alert when the website is down.

Website Checks

Run simple checks on certain pages every minute.

Check whatever you need: plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects, xpath, regex... to make sure your website is OK.

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website for common errors automatically.

Testomato has a large database of common errors and will send you notifications when we find one on your website.