In recent years, the most commonly used development method has been shifting from more traditional models like waterfall to a more iterative model: agile software development. Agile development processes often use continuous delivery or continuous deployment, and automated testing is essential part of any of these processes in order to keep iterations as fast as possible. Testomato can be easily integrated into your existing deployment process, regardless of what set up your team is using. We’ve talked about how we use a mix of agile techniques to develop Testomato before on our blog. In this post, we wanted to share how we integrate Testomato…

June 27, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Is your website available? Testomato can check your website availability every 15 seconds from 10 different locations around the world and will send you an alert if the site is unavailable.

Keep track of the important parts of your website with simple checks that can run every minute. They can check plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects … and much more. Never miss anything.

Websites break, it happens all time. You'll be the first to know. Testomato has an extensive database of and will let you know if it finds any error on monitored url.