August 30, 2013 by Roman Ožana

Sneak Peek: Two New Features Coming Up Soon!

The development team has been working hard! Recently, we shared what’s up next on our roadmap with you, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t working on anything else over the summer!

So, without further ado, we’re happy to announce a couple new features that will be ready for release very soon.

Want a sneak peek?

Awesome New Feature #1 – Add a new test with a URL path

Add tests faster using a URL path instead of a full URL! This means that instead of typing or, you’ll be able to simply type: /my-tested-page” when adding a test.

It’s a small new feature, but one we think will help you cut down on time and make your life a little easier!

Here’s what it’ll look like:


Awesome New Feature #2 – Exact server response for errors

Ever wonder why you’re getting a certain error? With our new server responses, you’ll be able to see a detailed server response at the time the test was run. We hope you’ll find this especially helpful if you’re configuring a forms test and need to check the server response in order to fix the test.

Take a look at the example screenshot below. Here, we’ve created a test for reddit‘s search form with the following configuration:

  • Search for the term “batman affleck”
  • Checking for the string “bat affleck” on the result page

The response window allows you to easily examine the results and find out why the string “bat affleck” cannot be found on the page.

What do you think of our new features?

Share your thoughts here or on Facebook. Or, tweet us directly @testomatocom.

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