January 13, 2019 by Diana Bocco

SEO Hacks For Your Business

Getting to that top spot on Google or any other search engine is the top prize for SEO practitioners. 

SEO Hacks For Your Business

In the early days, it used to be a simple matter of following the right formula and then getting results. SEO back then was simple.

Too simple, according to the search engines. Over time, the algorithms governing search have become a lot more complex. This was done in an effort to weed out those spammy webmasters trying to game the system.

It has had the unfortunate effect of making it harder for legitimate webmasters with business sites to see the results they want. SEO Tribunal decided to tackle this issue head on by compiling the interesting infographic below.

In it, you will find a wide range of statistics and SEO hacks that will help you to take your SEO strategy up a few notches.

For example, did you think that paid traffic was the best way to drive traffic to your site? You’d be wrong. Of 39% of search traffic that goes through to ecommerce websites, only 4% are paid advertising.

In theory, PPC advertising should work well. You set your target audience and your ads are put right in front of them. In reality, though, this takes no account of the fact that people are less likely to trust paid search results.

Does that mean that PPC is completely invalid? No, it does still have a part to play in your website marketing strategy. But, it cannot be your only strategy. Running a successful site is no longer a case of stuffing in the right keywords and forgetting about it.

You need to put some effort into improving your SERP as well as to drive more organic traffic your way. Since Google et al. keep it relatively secret about the exact criteria they use, this can be a trial and error process.

This means testing different types of content, finding out from your target market what kind of content they want, and making sure that you deliver in spades. There is no such thing as too much quality when it comes to content and search engines.

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