Last month, our users took a few minutes to help us decide what to add next to Testomato. We were thrilled to see how many of you wanted to share your opinion, and we’re excited to share the final results with you today.

Based on our survey, we were able to make some big decisions and rearrange our roadmap over the coming months.

A big thanks to all of you who had time to help us out!

Important noteThis post was updated in January 2015. 

The New Feature Candidates

One of our longterm goals is to find ways to add features or integrate services to help improve how well Testomato fits into a team’s overall workflow.

After a lot of discussion, we narrowed down the list to three different features that we felt would really help improve your experience.

The choices were:

  • A Google Chrome plugin
  • An app with mobile notifications 
  • HipChat integration 

Just so you know, these are all features on our roadmap. We hope they’ll provide more options for people to get results and help keep things simple to maximize both team and individual workflow.

The Final Results: Google Chrome Plugin

We put together a short email survey and sent it out to all of our users asking them to vote on the feature they wanted next.

The votes were then automatically logged in a Google spreadsheet:


It was exciting for us to watch the votes come in and great to know that people wanted to get involved! In the end, a total of 80 people ended up participating.

The final tally for the survey:


The clear winner: Google Chrome Plugin 

What to Expect From Our Extension

Since you helped us decide, we felt it’s only fair to share with you what we’ve got planned as we head into development.

The Testomato Google plugin will do the following:

  • Add websites to your My Projects dashboard
  • Badge alerts for existing issues in projects
  • List of issues in projects
  • Easy access to Testomato

We are also planning to include adding page and form tests using the plugin in the future.

Update: Our Chrome Extension in 2015

Since some of you may be finding this post after the fact, we wanted to let you know the Testomato Chrome Extension is now available on the Chrome Web Store!

testomato chrome extension

Here’s what you can expect from the current version:

  • Check your projects straight from your browser.
  • Get instant badge alerts and notifications about existing issues.
  • View a list of current errors in your projects.
  • Easy access to Testomato straight from the extension.

You can learn more about our extension, here.

We’re Listening!

As you know, user feedback is a big part of our development process, and we love discovering new ways we can make Testomato better from listening to our community.

We take everything you tell us into account and your thoughts play a big role in the ways we develop and create future plans for Testomato.

Thanks to your votes in email surveys like this one and your feedback, we are constantly challenged to find ways to solve new problems and keep moving forward.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or suggestions in the comments below or on Facebook. You can also tweet to us directly @testomatocom