We share our latest updates, bug fixes, and improvements to Testomato with you in our Release Notes.

Here’s a change log of our latest releases:

  • You can now create Groups of checks and apply Multiple Rules to them.
  • Create multiple checks at the same time.
    multiple urls
  • HTTP status checks are now merged into new Rules, allowing you to configure negative checks or check them using regular expressions.
  • New option in Project Settings: Select a different user agent.
    change user agent
  • You can now use Github, Facebook, or Google to login into your Testomato account.
    social login
  • Page checks are now run from a second location if the first location fails to prevent false positives.
  • Testomato now detects Symfony debug output.
  • Improved project creation when adding a new project to your account.

Think Testomato is still missing something that would make monitoring your website easier?

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