Each week on our blog, we share our latest updates, bug fixes, and improvements to Testomato with you in our Release Notes.


Here’s the change log for our last release:

  • Project dashboard buttons have been moved and placed together ahead of further design changes and upcoming new features.
  • New app icons have been added to the Account tab.
  • The project dashboard now displays website favicons.
  • Important issues will not be closed in the case of a test timeout.For example:

    A 500 error is found on your Hompeage and then, a timeout occurs. The 500 error will remain open even if the timeout has been resolved. 

  • A new Help Docs article has been added to describe how we download website content.

If you would like to participate in the future development of our roadmap, please don’t be shy!

Share your ideas with us support@testomato.com or join us on Facebook or Twitter.