November 25, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Release Notes #28: Bug Fixes & Improvements

Each week on our blog, we share our latest updates, bug fixes, and improvements to Testomato with you in our Release Notes.

release notes graphic

Here’s a change log of our latest release:

  • Fixed a security issue in the Paymill library.
  • Result page for anonymous users: fixed link to errors and project titles are no longer shown twice.
  • Form configuration modal will now automatically open if a form test is not configured.
  • Unconfigured form tests no longer have a switch in the test box to enable them.
  • Clicking on a link inside a test box will automatically close pop-up windows.
  • Fixed autocomplete that showed the same email more than once.
  • Fixed some non-existing urls showing status 500 instead of 404.

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