September 24, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Testing Locations for Testomato Projects

The team is always working hard to find ways to improve the quality of our testing. So, we’re excited to introduce our newest feature – testing locations for Testomato projects!

How It Works

The Testomatobot is Testomato’s crawling tool, which we use to download the HTML code of your page content.

Testing locations means Testomatobot now downloads pages and measures response time from 2 different places:

  • Europe (Prague)
  • US (Chicago, IL)
testing locations

Once we’ve downloaded your content, the data is transferred back to our central location where it’s processed, saved, and any necessary notifications are sent.

When you add a new project in Testomato, we use your server IP to locate where your project is hosted.

Based on that location, we’ll automatically assign your project to the closest testing point. You can also manually adjust the testing location in your project’s Settings tab.

Important Note: All existing projects have already been updated with testing locations based on their server IPs.

Why We Added It

We’re lucky to have Testomato users from all around the world!

Here’s a quick look at the top 10 locations where our projects are located:

top 10 project locations

We often analyze our project data to help us learn more about the quality of our testing and identify areas that need improvement.

Recently, we realized there was a problem: Prague-based website testing is sometimes affected by the location of our servers.

In other words, the network latency between our users and the Testomatobot occasionally causes false timeouts and affects the availability of a user’s project to get test results when a project is located farther away. 

To help solve this issue, we decided to add additional testing locations to help us minimize the influence of our connection.

We started with the US because most of our projects are hosted there (and as an added plus, we already had a server in Chicago).

How to Set Testing Location

  1. Click on the project you’d like to view or select a project from the All Projects  menu in the top right corner.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to Testing location and select the location you would like to test from.testing geographical location
  4. Click Save settings.

A Sneak Peek at What’s Next

Adding the a testing location in the US is only the first part of our plans for this feature. We’ve got a few more things we’d like to do!

This is what we’ve got in mind for the future:

  • Expand to include more testing locations around the world to help improve our testing coverage.
  • Add parallel testing from multiple locations.
  • Eventually, we’d like to host the Testomato website in different locations to
  • Possible hosting of Testomato in different locations to increase the speed of testing.

What do you think of testing locations? Share your feedback with us! 

Leave us a comment here or email us: You can also share with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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