We’re very excited to announce a new third-party app integration with our friends over at PagerDuty!

Since our launch, we’ve had a lot of requests to provide SMS alerts for problems found during tests. Native support for this feature is on our roadmap, but we decided to integrate other options for the time being.

That’s where PagerDuty comes in!

PagerDuty is a reliable SaaS provider that plugs into IT monitoring tools and provides alerts of all forms. Connecting PagerDuty means you’ll now be able to receive alerts (SMS, phone calls, iOS/Android push notifications) with automatic alert escalation for all your Testomato incidents, and you’ll also be able to track them on the PagerDuty dashboard.

This means you’ll be able to monitor your website or application on-the-go from your mobile phone!

(Important note: In order to use PagerDuty, you must have an account through their service.)

So, let’s get started and learn how to set up integration with PagerDuty in Testomato!

Here’s what you need to do:

PART 1: PagerDuty Configuration

  1. Go to PagerDuty and click on the Services tab.pagerduty website
  2. Click on Add New Service.pagerduty add service
  3. Enter a name for the service (e.g. Testomato)pagerduty add service name
  4. Select an escalation policy to choose how alerts will be routed to you.pagerduty escalation
  5. Select Use our API directly for the Integration Type.pagerduty integration
  6. Click on the Add Service button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Find and copy the Service API key on the service page, which you’ll need in order to configure your Testomato account to send alerts to PagerDuty.pagerduty api key

PART 2: Testomato Configuration

  1. Go to your Settings page.testomato settings
  2. Scroll down to 3rd Party Services.
  3. Paste your API key into the box next to PagerDuty Service API Key.testomato 3rd party services
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to the Notifications page and customize the notifications you’d like to receive for each of your projects.
testomato notifications

And you’re all set! Now, you’ll never miss an alert no matter what you’re doing.

Visit PagerDuty’s website to learn more about their plans & pricing.

Are there other services you’d like to see us integrate with?

Let us know here or on Facebook. You can also find us @testomatocom