March 21, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Testomato Reports: Better Insight Into Your Errors

testomato reports screenshot1

Earlier this week, we launched a new feature – introducing Testomato Reports. The team hopes Reports will provide more data to give you better insight into errors on your website.

We’ve been collecting feedback on this feature since January, so we’re excited to hear what you think!

Here’s a quick overview:

Reports will replace the History Log in your project dashboard and have been designed to help you understand more about the health of your Testomato projects.

One of our goals over the last year has been to provide a better way for users to quickly access and track their project data. Reports offers a quick glance at each project’s overall stats and a chronological view of your website issues over a period of time.

This is a useful way to gain a better understanding of when problems occur and how well you deal with them.

What’s in Reports?

Reports are split into the 4 following sections:

  1. Number of Issues -The number of  resolved and unresolved issues found on your website for the selected date issues screenshot
  2. Frequency & Type of Issue -The frequency of different types of errors that were found such as HTTP StatusTimeoutMissing Text, type screenshot
  3. Duration of Issue – The minimummedian, and maximum time it took for an issue to be issue duration screenshot
  4. Issue Timeline – A timeline about about when and where issues occurred on your website.reports timeline screenshot

For more information about individual problems, you can view their Issue Details by clicking any issue that appears on your timeline. Similar to the old History Log, this section shows a detailed log of each problem and its current status.

Here’s a screenshot of what Issue Details looks like:

issue details screenshot

How to Access your Reports in Testomato

To find your reports in Testomato, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Testomato account.
  2. Click on the project you’d like to view. You can also go to the Dashboard tab located in the top right corner and select the project.
  3. Click on the Reports tab.

What else is new?

As well as this feature, we’ve also redesigned our email notifications to make them easier to read and updated them to include more detailed information about individual project issues.

Here’s what a new email notification looks like:

new email notification reports

We’d love to hear how you think we did on this new feature and what’s most important to you.

What do you think of our new Reports? What else would you like to see in Testomato? 

Share your thoughts with us or leave us a comment below. You can also join us on Facebook or Twitter.

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