This is a quick post to announce a new feature to improve Testomato’s email notifications. We’re excited to introduce Notification Delay!

How It Works

Notification Delay will allow you to set a period of time that we’ll wait before we send you notifications about issues. If an issue is resolved during that delay period, the notification will be discarded and you won’t receive any emails from us.

For example, setting a delay period of 10 minutes means that if we find an issue at 2:45PM, we will wait until 2:55PM to send you an email alert.

Why We Added It

We noticed a few months ago that users were receiving a lot of notifications about short-term issues or issues that were resolved in less than 5 minutes.

Since our whole team uses Testomato to monitor websites and experiment with different hacks, we experienced firsthand what happens when you receive emails for these issues. Our inboxes were filled with notifications.

inbox notifications

Since many of these alerts were sent about issues that were resolved quickly, we wanted people to have the option to delay notifications to avoid getting results about false or short issues.

How to Delay Email Notifications

1. Login to your Testomato account.

2. In the account menu, select Settings.

notification delay step 1

3. Under notifications, select the period you’d like to wait before a notification is sent to your email.

notification delay step 2

4. Click Save.

 Will delayed notifications help improve your testing experience? 

Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook. You can also tweet us directly @testomatocom.