September 27, 2019 by Diana Bocco

New Business Owners: Improving Relationships With SEO Marketing

SEO can make a world of difference for new businesses trying to get their name out into the world.

New Business Owners: Improving Relationships With SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a vital digital marketing tool that is often referred to as getting traffic from the ‘natural’ search results on search engines. 

While it may sound quite basic, it has a rather complex structure and includes multiple components. SEO has the power to rapidly grow your business online as it has a number of advantages when applied correctly. 

What is SEO marketing and why is it important?

Different sources identify Search Engine Optimization as:

Market research

SEO allows you to collect information about the users that click on your website so you can build further marketing strategy based on that.

Keyword research

SEO involves finding the perfect combination of keywords that online searchers use in relation to a certain product in the industry your business operates in.


SEO definitely does involve a fair share of copywriting as it analyzes the already existing content related to the topic on the web to produce a unique result.

Ensuring you have a positive credible image for potential customers

In the digital world, users tend to believe that the websites that appear on the first positions of the search are more legit and trustworthy than the ones located further down the page.

Mobile optimization

To an extent, SEO is the art of developing a website, too.

In reality, SEO is all of the aforementioned things as well as many others. To put it simply, Search Engine Optimization allows you to put your website as the best fitting result on the search engine for the users looking for something online to find it. It is a great way to get in front of potential customers.

What SEO should focus on

For a new business, which is likely to start rather small, the main SEO areas to focus on would be:


It is essential for the content published on your site to be interesting and reflect well on why a customer should choose you over your competitors.


In this era of digitalization, a website is often the face of any organization. Therefore, it is essential for your new company to have a fast, mobile-friendly website with intuitive navigation and god structure.


You need to think through the page titles and meta descriptions.


People tend to trust other people over machines, therefore it is essential for you to add case studies, testimonials, and reviews of the product or service you are trying to promote on your website.

Local SEO

For a local businesses, it would be rather beneficial to consider local SEO practices.

Obstacles you’ll face

However, since there are so many aspects to consider, new business owners need to be prepared to face a couple of obstacles when it comes to Search Engine Optimization marketing. Some of them include:

  • Budget-related issues as it can be rather costly to manage decent SEO.
  • Speed of achieving desired results. It takes some time to see the tangible results of your effort, especially if you operate in a competitive market.
  • Major long-established competitors that already have ways of approaching the target audience.

Advantages of SEO for new business owners

All of the aforementioned factors can significantly hinder the results of SEO for a newly established business. However, although it might seem like a bit way too much effort to put into SEO, it is actually worth it, especially if you are trying to establish a new business. There are several prime advantages of SEO marketing for new business owners.

Build brand awareness

One of the prime benefits SEO marketing brings to new business owners is a chance to build brand awareness. This is particularly important for new businesses as they are yet to be recognized on the market, hence need to put a lot of effort into introducing the brand to potential customers.

When your site appears on one of the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo, customers are more likely to trust your brand and view you as a reliable source of information and business overall. This is why new businesses must invest in SEO and secure themselves top rankings for the key terms related within the market they operate in.

Attracting more customers

In all fairness, the key reason for a brand investing into designing a website in the first place is to increase its online presence and therefore boost its customer base. Especially relevant it is for the new businesses as they are lacking loyal customers and are looking to first grow and then secure their market share. 

Nowadays, SEO marketing is one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies as it is direct and affects customers instantly. As soon as they turn to the internet typing in the key terms related to the area your business works in, they are already exposed to your site.  

Better conversion rates

Traffic is something all sites are after, but sometimes it is not enough for you to get a potential customer to visit your site. In the era when businesses are so extremely competitive, your site needs to be easy to navigate, SEO optimized in order for the customer to stay on it and spend more time on it, eventually proceeding to make a purchase.

** About the author: Cheryl Hearts is a talented journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. From an early age, she was into writing so she decided to make it her career. Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Journalism has boosted her desire to grow as a journalist and currently she contributors to major media publications. Cheryl also runs her blog where she shares her opinion on topics trending in modern society.

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