October 25, 2017 by Diana Bocco

Improve Your Content Marketing with these 6 Tools

With the business world turning virtual, content has gained priority for all firms. The globalized nature of business has made it more challenging.

Improve Your Content Marketing with these 6 Tools

Because creating content is of high importance, companies are expanding on it: Creating valuable and appropriate content is no longer enough. Marketing them to optimize visibility and value creation is also important. Creating and marketing of content now go hand in hand.  

If you are an entrepreneur or a content marketer, then you are at the right place. Read on to learn more about six valuable tools that can help you market your content better and get higher visibility.

Don’t worry if you are coming across the tools for the first time or you don’t know how to use them. This article will help you learn the basics so you can make the most of them.

  1. Buffer

Managing a team of social media professionals becomes easy along with managing social media content.

Easy steps to use Buffer:

  • Create a team to work on your social media tasks.

  • Create an account on Buffer.

  • Add team members who can access the account and work on it.

  • Based on specific roles of the team members allocate social account access on Buffer.

  • Permission levels can be set for each team member.

  • Admin access to the accounts can be set.

  • Add clients to your buffer account for easy accessibility and shares.

  • Change tools from time to time to modulate access powers.

  • Add posts and share instantly. Alternatively posts can be queued for scheduled posting.

  • As an admin approve posts and reject.

  • Make use of features of customizing posts, editing them as well as screening clients from among list for shares.

You can get a detailed video based understanding of each mentioned step.

  1. Almighty.Press

Time matters when it comes to content marketing. You need to be the first one to publish. This is a tool that helps you accomplish just that.

  • Create an account.

  • Get access to trending news and blogs across platforms. Choose platforms like WordPress and others from where you wish to curate content.

  • Use the tracking tool to get information of all new blogs and trending topics and journals.

  • Make use of the Almighty URL to filter appropriate content.

  • Plan your schedule for content publication on your social outlets.

  1. Canva

In this era, graphics score higher in retention compared to written content. One of the best available tools for graphic content creation is Canva. It has simple features that can help change designs and manage drag and drop options. A few steps can help you get the best of Canva implemented at work.

Even without much knowledge in designing and graphics, this tool is usable. Its automated features are ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to design social pages, flyers and headers. Their design school helps with a variety of design based resources that can add value.

  1. Pushwoosh

Notifications seem to rule the content marketing industry. Pushwoosh is an effective (and free) tool in this regard, as it sends push notifications across platforms.

A few definitive features that make this tool a must-have.

Use the configuration steps to install and start working with Pushwoosh.

  1. Google Mobile Friendly Test

Smart phones dominate the communication industry. People use mobiles for almost all mail related activities – so it comes as no surprise that you should be testing the performance of your mobile website. This test checks a website’s performance in all possible available mobiles and systems.

Learn all you need to know about Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

  1. MailChimp

Email campaigns are an easy and convenient way to reach out to potential customers in one go. MailChimp is an automated tool to help you manage mail based campaigns.

MailChimp is easy to use. You just need to implement a few steps to get started.

There are many other tools in the market, but the six mentioned here are a good start. Need a few more? Here’s a list of tools to cover almost every aspect of your business.

Technology has created huge challenges for entrepreneurs and marketers – and these tools provide solutions to win over those challenges.

** About the Author: Bella Williams is an academic researcher & private tutor. A graduate from Monash University, Bella organizes free coaching workshops for Essay Help and promotes free sharing of knowledge. She is also a consulting editor at Assignment Expert.

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