May 14, 2018 by Diana Bocco

Here’s Why Automation Software Can Make Your Blog Even More Successful

Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus — all of them are global megastars, but did you know that these performers are also successful bloggers?

Here’s Why Automation Software Can Make Your Blog Even More Successful

Surprising, but true — blogging builds communities across a wide range of missions. But do you think these ladies handle every little menial task involved with running a winning blog? Hell, no.

The most well-known bloggers aren’t just the best writers — they’re also the canniest operators. The best bloggers farm out any blogging work which doesn’t require their unique skill set. A team of assistants, support staff,, and clever automation tools allow big bloggers to scale fast.

Automation isn’t a reduction of your creative abilities, it’s a way of focusing on more important tasks (like strategy and big picture thinking).

Here are some tips on how using automation can make your brilliant blog even more successful.

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Improved time management

When it comes to blogging and social media marketing, time is of the essence.

Beyoncé doesn’t have the time to handle each and every tweet and post made on her social media accounts. Even if you think you do have enough time to do all of that, your time is better spent on tasks only you can do: writing content.

Don’t get so bogged down in pinning things to your Pinterest board that you miss out on high-value growth opportunities for your blog.

Boss some of the more repetitive parts of blog management by getting smarter with your social media posts. Use social media automation to maximize the reach of new posts, and cut down on wo(man) hours by scheduling your posts in advance.

Hootsuite is a a beginner-friendly social media automation tool that’s free for up to three social profiles. Using their software allows you to manage your blog’s social media in a variety of time-efficient ways:

  • Use one central dashboard for all of your social media accounts
  • Schedule content to be published at a later date
  • Bulk create social posts
  • Conduct social media listening at-scale
  • Automatically post and seed content when your audience are likely to be at their most engaged.

For more information on how automation can make your blog even more successful through effective time management, check out the brilliant video below.

‘Automate’ your content creation

Running a successful blog isn’t just about writing great content, it’s about writing a lot of great content.

Embrace the roundup post and become a content and knowledge curator. You can increase the number of posts you publish on your blog by using automation software to help curate content for you. Inboundli is a piece of software that allows you to find engaging and niche-specific content fast. It also finds the best times for you to publish your content based on engagement statistics sourced from your target audience. Feedly is another great content curation tool that will help you ramp up your blog’s roundup posts in no time.

Of course, automation isn’t the only way that you can ramp up the number of posts you add to your blog — you can also turn one piece of content into multiple articles.

Topic segmentation

Do you know who you’re blogging for?

Different segments of your audience follow your blog for different reasons — and so expect different things from you.

Software can help you to establish what types of content your audience want from you, and how to correctly segment your editorial calendar.

A marketing blog might be catering to all these different reader demographics at once (all with a slightly different focus):

  • Experts: Conversion and strategy focused
  • Insiders: Self-promotion and community focused
  • Newcomers: Introductory and knowledge focused
  • Outsiders: General interest and curiosity focused

When it comes to your blog’s site architecture, category pages, and email marketing strategy — you need to know who you’re talking to. Keyword research is a low-cost way of helping you fill in any audience knowledge gaps.

As a busy blogger, you need to find tools that help automate your reader segmentation and targeting. is a great example of an easy email marketing solution that lets you slice and dice your readers on a budget. Using their automation software, you can develop targeted content campaigns to ensure that you send the right message to the right person (at the right time). And try out for some super sophisticated social automation — simply set it and forget it.

Using retargeting to hit your audience with relevant content

Have you thought about retargeting your readers? For high-value blogs, this makes perfect sense as a blogging strategy.

Using automation software, you can set up a workflow that targets audience members who have previously engaged with your content — whether that’s a specific blog post, a content download, or a course landing page.

For more information on how content retargeting works, watch the superb video underneath.

Blog pop-ups are particularly useful if you are concerned that your audience is exiting your blog too soon, or you need to let them know about a special offer or timely event.

Check out this video for more information on the value of popups.

While you can’t access the team of assistants that megastars command, you can take inspiration from their ability to delegate by adding automation software to your blog. Doing this will free up your time, help you to write better content, and get people more engaged with your blog; what’s not to love?

So, get automating and take your blog to the next level.

**About the Author: Kayleigh Toyra: is a Half-Finnish, half-British marketer and Content Strategist based in Bristol. She loves to write and explore themes like storytelling and customer experience marketing. She also manages a small team of writers at a boutique agency.

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