We’re always trying to make things better. A few things have been fixed lately to improve our service and overall functionality.  

Two New Columns in Test & History Log

There are now two new columns in the logs to make sure you have more detailed information about your tests.

  • Response Time: This is the time it takes from when a request is sent until the last byte of the response is received.
  • HTTP Response: All HTTP header fields from the project’s server response will now be recorded in your log. Just click to view the full details of the test.


More Consistent Test & History Log

You can now see all the same information from your original test results in your project history log.


Email Redesign

Our emails are now sporting a new look to match our new website. There’s also a new header and footer!


UserEcho Feedback Forum

Content might be king for some, but feedback is our bread and butter! Use our new feedback forum for bug reports, suggestions, and requests. The team really loves hearing from you.


Bug Fixes 

Little nips and tucks to make sure Testomato is performing at its best! We’ve done some quick fixes to everything is functioning smoothly.

  • 404 pages for Testomato
  • Links in our new emails
  • Small performance changes
  • CSS bugs in Firefox

What else can we do to make Testomato even better? 

Share your thoughts here or on Facebook. Or, tweet us directly @testomatocom.