March 20, 2020 by Diana Bocco

Effective & High Return SEO Techniques for 2020

When you start an online business, chances are you’ll want to drive traffic towards it.

Effective & High Return SEO Techniques for 2020

If you’re promoting a brand or service, explaining how a certain process works or even just promoting the latest news, you want people to be able to organically find you through Google searches.

The better traffic and engagement you have on your blog posts, the higher the number of visitors and the more people you’ll eventually reach.

The simple fact remains that, if nobody can find your page, you cannot generate business leads or promote effectively. 

There are countless analytic tools that indicate that a lot of people won’t even click on the second page of Google’s search results, so getting on page one is extremely important.

Here are the best and most effective high-return SEO techniques of 2020 to help you drive traffic to your website.

High speed

Always ensure that your website loads quickly.

Google ranks your website based on the speed at which it loads, so if it loads slowly, it will start ranking lower than competing websites with similar keywords. 

Another factor is the user experience and interaction, people have short attention spans and want to get to the information they need quickly, so if your page takes a while to load it may turn them away and they’d undoubtedly turn back and visit another website for similar news, something you don’t want happening.

Quality over quantity

In the era of fake news and clickbait, having content that actually gives quality information to your readers and educates them on a certain topic without wasting most of their time is a must.

People have gotten tired of all of the tropes marketers use to keep them on a website for longer periods of time, and they usually scroll past most of the “placeholder” text to get to the “meat of the article.” Many brands prefer to hire highly trained professionals or SEO outsourcing companies to make sure that their website has genuine, authentic,and original content.

Always keep your content up-to-date and relevant, give it meaning, give it value, as people will respect you more for respecting their time and your reputation will rise.

Optimized navigation

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate, that your header and page layout make sense, and that everything within the website is optimized.

This includes: 

  • Optimized text: Every article you are linking to or product and service you are promoting should have a little snippet of information that informs the users what they’re in for if they click on it, it should be short and to the point and give them that little push they need to click on it.
  • Optimized Images: Make sure that you use services like TinyJPG or ShortPixel to optimize your images, as they play a huge role in the speed at which the page loads, the better the images are optimized, the quicker the page will load, this will lead to higher rankings and better visitor satisfaction.
  • Easy to understand header: Make sure that everything is easily accessible and explained and users can navigate through the website and easily find the information that they need, a search bar can also go a long way towards helping them get to the content they need.

The importance of header tags

Walls of text can be a chore to read, and they usually demotivate people to read a long article, as the text doesn’t initially seem appealing to them.

To combat this, you can break up the huge walls of text filled with content with headers.

The most common headers to use are:

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2 
  • Heading 3

Make sure that all of your content is split within different headers and it all makes sense, for the main points use Heading 2, and for follow-up information use subheadings with Heading 3.

Extremely important points can be placed with Header 1 and limit them to only one H1 per article.

Outbound links

Having outbound links to relevant and trustworthy websites that back up your facts and prove your relevancy can play a huge role in how your readers perceive you.

Make sure that all of your sources are updated and new, and remember to include internal links too.

Internal links will redirect visitors on your sites to different sections of your site.

Make it easy to get in touch

In order to become more trustworthy and raise the reputation of both your brand and your blog, it should be easy for people to get in contact with you, be it for technical support or for suggestions.

All of your contact information should be easy to find and clear to read.

You can even implement live chat software so people can contact you directly to get in touch.

If your website gets reported for lacking a phone number, email address or location, your SEO rankings will plummet severely.

Add videos and images

Videos and images and even logos can shake up giants’ walls of text and make an article and website more interesting and informative.

You should always optimize your images and you should link to relevant images made by yourself or by a trustworthy inspirational source so the experience isn’t bland and repetitive, as some people prefer visual and content while others prefer written content. 

Resolve broken links

Broken links are a huge “NO” in the world of SEO, as they can plummet your SEO rankings.

Imagine the disappointment a visitor will face when they click on a link you’ve recommended only to be redirected to a 404 error of a page that doesn’t exist anymore.

Check for dead links on a regular basis and make sure that your content and links are always up to date.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization plays a huge role in the way your website ranks up, as Google puts a priority on mobile over desktop, as most visitors are bound to visit from a mobile device.

Optimizing your website for mobile can increase your rankings and user experience, making your website much more appealing to everyone.

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