June 12, 2018 by Diana Bocco

Content Marketing Tools for Anybody Who Cares about SEO

When you’re trying to promote a business, SEO strategies are an important element of your marketing campaign. 

Content Marketing Tools for Anybody Who Cares about SEO

You’re making huge efforts to understand your audience and use all data from analytics tools to your advantage. You’re doing your best to get at the top of search engine results.

That’s where content gets into the picture. In essence, SEO is all about content marketing. When you care about SEO, you want to address the most popular keywords in your industry. You’re also using alternative phrases, so people who don’t type the exact same words in the search engine will also find your results. That’s all part of SEO, so you certainly understand its connection with content marketing.

Now, the only question is: how do you make your content marketing efforts more effective in terms of search engine optimization?

There are tools for that!

Marissa Donovan, content marketing expert from EssayWritingLand, explains: “The fundamental aim of search engines is to provide relevant answers through high-quality content. Thus, the fundamental goal of a content marketer is the development of high-quality content that answers people’s questions. There are tools that help you find out what those questions are. You can also rely on tools that show how your competitors are answering the same questions so you can offer something better for your audience.”

So what are the best tools to use for the sake of combining your SEO and content marketing methods into a single effective strategy? We’ll list the most important ones you should consider.

Google Keyword Planner

In the age of search engine optimization, keyword research is a crucial aspect of your content marketing campaign. You should focus on finding the right keywords early on in the development of the campaign and with precise goals to meet.

When it comes to exploring keywords, Google’s Keyword Planner is the first tool that comes to mind. It shows great keyword suggestions accompanied with search volume details. From its technical aspect, this is an SEO tool. In essence, however, Keyword Planner is also a content marketing tool, since it helps you develop content that ranks well.


Link building, as an important part of SEO, is also essential in content marketing. When you’re trying to build backlinks, you’re doing that by writing guest articles. BuzzStream makes outreaching effective. It helps you research influencers and it instantly gives you contact information, social profiles, and metrics about their sites. It will highlight the most important contacts, and it will help you keep track of the communication.

Finally, BuzzStream will also give you insights into your outreach campaigns and link placements. The reports will help you develop a more effective link-building campaign, which will eventually have a huge effect on your search engine ranks.


Are you getting tired of Google Analytics? Everyone else is using it, so maybe you want to spice things up and get content optimization insights from a different source? Then you’ll love Searchmetrics!

It’s an SEO and content marketing platform that analyzes mobile rankings and traffic, social signals across different platforms, backlinks, website performance, PPC activities, and high impact opportunities through various keywords.


The technical aspects of SEO are unavoidable, no matter how much you want to focus on the essence of content marketing. When your domain is full of PHP errors, 404 codes, or duplicate content, you cannot expect your content to perform well. If the loading time is slow and the navigation is not user-friendly, you have a huge problem.

Testomato is a great tool to use when you want to identify such problems on your website. It’s an auditing tool that reports about all issues and highlights the most serious ones. When you identify and fix those issues, you can focus on effective content development.


Before you can start working on your content, you need ideas. You have to think of great topics that your audience is interested in. When you pick the right topics and you produce outstanding articles based on them, you can be sure that your search engine rankings will improve.

So how do you find such topics? BuzzSumo is a cool tool you can count on. You just need to find some keywords with Google Keyword Planner and then use BuzzSumo to find the most popular content based on those keywords.

When you type a keyword in BuzzSumo’s search bar, the tool will launch posts that got the highest levels of engagement on social media platforms. It will also inform you about influencers who shared those posts. When you have these insights, you’ll be able to tell what kind of content works for the audience you want to target. But you won’t copy! No; you’ll develop better content.


Now we’re getting serious about content marketing. MarketMuse is a serious research assistant that tells you how you can build a content strategy founded on the keywords you find. Finally, someone understood that a content marketing strategy is not solely based on keywords, so they provided us with a tool that helps use keywords in the right way.

MarketMuse is guided by one main principle: stop targeting keywords, stop covering topics. It offers expert analysis on your content marketing strategy to help you build and optimize your content with artificial intelligence.

Yes; we mentioned AI. MarketMuse replaces manpower by analyzing a certain topic and providing important questions to answer, subtopics to cover, and people to address in your content. It just makes the research process much quicker and more effective, so you can start developing content that matters.


When you’re doing your best to promote something through content, your basic instinct tells you to follow trends. What’s the most popular content on topics from your niche? What questions does your audience have? What kind of content do they like to share? What kind of content do influencers want to share?

All those questions are important, and you can get such information when you use the tools we listed above. However, you don’t want to be solely focused on following trends. You need to keep track of uprising trends if you want to be one of the first content marketers to hop on board.

TrendSpottr is great at predicting emerging trends. It tells you what your target audience is looking for at this moment so you can meet those needs with effective content. The tool also helps you anticipate threats and crises to your brand’s reputation so you can act before the damage is done. Plus, you’ll get influencer targeting features.

The Connection Between Content Marketing and SEO Is Real

Everyone knows that both SEO and content marketing are important. The problem is that not every content marketer integrates these two aspects into a uniformed campaign. Using content marketing strategies does not eliminate the need for SEO, and being focused on SEO does not mean that you should ignore content marketing.

These two concepts overlap, so it’s easy to integrate them well. While SEO represents the technical aspect of your promotional efforts, content marketing stands for the holistic approach that gives life to the campaign.

Each SEO practitioner should be aware of content marketing tools that help them boost their campaign. With the tools suggested above, you’ll be one step closer to successful search engine optimization.

**About the Author: Paula Hicks is an experienced journalist from Romania. She currently lives in the United States and works as a freelance editor for the number of educational resources. Her big dream is to open a publishing house in Europe

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