Search engine optimization is one of the important digital marketing techniques to help improve your ranking on search results. This, in turn, helps to garner organic traffic for targeted keywords, resulting in increased sales.

Each aspect for the successful growth of your online business is interconnected. Thus, it essential to know the basics of SEO so you can implement them on your website.

Similarly, knowing what SEO mistakes to avoid is also key if you want to steer clear from issues like slow website speed, higher bounce rate, lower click-through-rate, and more. These mistakes, if not rectified, can ruin even the most successful website.

To help you get started, here is an infographic that highlights the most common SEO mistakes you need to fix right away –a list of mistakes that newbie marketers unintentionally commit.

Most of these mistakes are simple to fix, while others — like making your website mobile-friendly (responsive) — would require time and resources. An online business can’t do without search engine optimization, so implementing the best SEO practices is extremely important.

Equally important is to review your on-page SEO factors from time-to-time to avoid major hassles later on.

To learn what SEO mistakes you need to rectify and how to fix them, check out the 25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website infographic by the team at Hosting Clues.