February 21, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Cool Hack: Check for Client Copy Before a Release

We love experimenting! This is the second post in a series about alternative ways (besides testing) Testomato can be used. 

lorem ipsum hack

A few posts back we shared how to track app prices in iTunes, and today, we’ve got another great hack for Testomato!

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tristan Bailey and hearing some of his feedback on our service. During our discussion, he shared an awesome idea for a way Testomato can be integrated into a development process.

Tristan often sets up CMS sites that require clients to supply their own copy before the project goes live.

His suggestion was to add dummy copy such as “This is test copy” or lorem ipsum text on pages that contain sample content and need to be finished by the client. Using Testomato, you can check whether or not your client has supplied the required copy.

Extra hint: The same tutorial works for checking that you’ve removed all your placeholder copy from your website.

Here’s how to do it:

1. First add your lorem ipsum (or your dummy copy of choice) to the pages you’d like to test.

2. Select or create a new project in your main dashboard.

create a new project

3.  Add a test for the pages you need to monitor. You can also select an existing test by clicking the gear icon in the right corner to configure your test settings. 

project dashboard

4. Enter the URL for the test page and name your test (e.g. Lorem Ipsum Test).

add a test

5. Click Expectations & Results and check the box next to missing string.

6. Copy or type in the copy (e.g. lorem ipsum dolo sit amet). This means Testomato will test to make sure this copy is NOT present. If it appears on the page, your test will fail.

configure test expectations

7. Click Save

8. Return to Project Settings Run automatically. Select the intervals you’d like check how many pages have been updated and click save settings.

test settings

All done! You’ll be able to see the pages that still need copy (failed tests) and which ones are set to go.

final project dashboard

Are you using Testomato in a cool and exciting way?

We’d love to hear about it. Share with us in the comments or on Facebook. You can also find us @testomatocom

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