Tool Tips

This is the first in a series of posts about apps and tools freelance developers can try to help them stay focused and get more work done. Roman is one of our go-to guys for fun Testomato hacks, but he’s also the person to ask when you’re looking for a new app or tool to try. He likes to experiment with different solutions for everything from improving his workflow to getting inspiration. So, we decided to share! Here’s 5 cool apps we think you should test drive right now: #1 WorkFlowy While it seems like a computer would be the perfect place to store…

May 23, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Remote work is becoming more commonplace and allows startups to have access to talented individuals from around the world. There’s also a lot of benefits to working from home such as a better work/life balance and flexible scheduling, which in turn improves employee happiness and productivity. At Wikidi, our teams (including Testomato) work both in the office and remotely. We’re not a fully distributed team, however team members often choose to work remotely at certain times throughout the week. This is completely possible because of the great tools that are available to us. We’re continually experimenting and adding new ones…

May 9, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Testing can be an overwhelming task, so it’s good for teams to know where to start and what works best for them. Just in case you missed it, Testomato is featured on Mads Kristensen’s Web Developer Checklist as the recommended automated testing tool. This is a great guide for developers who want to adhere to best practices during a release or before a launch. (Tip: There’s also a pretty handy Chrome extension that automates a large portion of the checklist.) While Kristensen’s list covers what is generally considered best practices in web development, every team and every project is different. So, we wanted to share…

February 14, 2014 by Roman Ožana

Is your website available? Testomato can check your website availability every 15 seconds from 10 different locations around the world and will send you an alert if the site is unavailable.

Keep track of the important parts of your website with simple checks that can run every minute. They can check plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects … and much more. Never miss anything.

Websites break, it happens all time. You'll be the first to know. Testomato has an extensive database of and will let you know if it finds any error on monitored url.