February 13, 2019 by Diana Bocco

Better Supplier Communication, Sorted

When it comes to the supply chain, it can be a complex and challenging process and one which is difficult to manage because you will be relying on other companies. 

Better Supplier Communication, Sorted

It is for this reason why communication is so important when it comes to suppliers. You need to have efficient and regular communication with your suppliers so that you can rest assured knowing that everything is taken care of so that you can carry out your role in the chain effectively. This is an area that many businesses struggle with but there are a few effective strategies for improving communication with your suppliers which could make a big difference.

Establish Reporting Expectations At The Start

Whenever you onboard a supplier it is important that you establish your expectations early on so that they know exactly what is expected of them from the get-go. This consistency in reporting will be beneficial for all parties and help to prevent costly communication breakdown.

Efficient Communication

When you are communicating with a vendor, it is important that this communication is as efficient as possible no matter whether it is a phone call, email, online chat or any form of communication. This will involve knowing part numbers and everything that is important to know before getting in touch. This will help to streamline the process and make work easier for both parties.

B2B Supplier Portals

One of the most effective strategies for improving communication with suppliers is to introduce B2B supplier portals from specialists like weaveability.com. These innovative portals provide a central location where it is quick and easy to transfer information, collaborate, view real-time data, automate tasks and respond swiftly to messages. This can simplify the entire supply chain and make communication easy, fast and straightforward throughout. It will ensure that, as a business, communications with your supplier are clear, efficient, and streamlined, meaning you can then deliver to your client with expectations met, and the client’s customers are happy, too.

Online Chat

Online chat is another effective tool for improving supplier communication. Online chat can make it easy to respond in real time or reply at a later date, provide visibility and transparency in group chats, monitor progress of the supply chain and provide real-time updates.

Be Respectful Of Time

Finally, it is important that you are respectful of their time. It is important to remember that you are not their only client, so it is unfair to constantly be calling or getting annoying if they do not message back straight away as they are likely dealing with a number of different clients. A good professional relationship is based on trust so by outlining expectations, streamlining communication and carrying out periodic performance reviews it should help you to develop a positive relationship that benefits both parties. Once this trust is built, a vendor will be more responsive because they know that your company is easy to work with.

Communication is critical to success when it comes to the supply chain. Taking the above steps to improve communication with your suppliers could have a huge impact on the success of your company and help you to develop strong and beneficial relationships with your suppliers.

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