February 16, 2017 by Diana Bocco

7 Great Ways to Make your Content More SEO Friendly

You can’t write popular posts if you don’t truly understand SEO.

7 Great Ways to Make your Content More SEO Friendly

Starting your career in writing may be a little bit confusing. With different patterns and style to choose from, you might have encountered the word ‘SEO content’. SEO refers to search engine optimization or the process of optimizing a website or a blog so that it can easily be found on search engines like Google.

Many writers in today’s industry use SEO tactics to add traffic to their sites, while bigger companies opt to hire a professional to get their contents optimized. Because of this, many writers are now eager to learn how to create SEO-friendly content to get a job, start blogging or just get their income flowing continuously.

To help you start blogging, we have summed up a list below of important points to remember in creating and excelling in your SEO content creation:

Pay attention to in-depth content

Google is known to evaluate contents based on its length. So to get a heads up on the competition, create content that is longer and deeper content than your competitors. You can do that by adding some bullet points, start with examples of brainstorming ideas or add some testimonials from experts.

Make the content shareable

Make it easier for your readers to share your content so your audience will grow. Some websites offer an easy share button for different social media accounts. Be sure to add this at the end of your content and watch the miracle of gaining more readers happen naturally.

Pay attention to the introduction

Gaining new readers depends partly on your introduction. Creating an interesting, fun and relevant introduction can go a long way. Putting in keywords here can also be an excellent way to convince people that your content is worthy of reading, thus, creating more traffic to your site.

Make sure external links are great

Another way to have SEO-friendly content is by placing some hyperlinks throughout your article. Make sure the links are working properly and are directed to other supporting topics about your content.

Manage your keyword usage

Be mindful of your keywords and always support your content with the right keywords. Focus on it and know where to place them accordingly. Furthermore, put your keywords in the title itself for better optimization.

Make your blog mobile friendly

Mobile phones are a huge necessity for active readers. When you start a blog, make sure it is mobile friendly so your audience can access your content whenever they want without difficulty.

Give more than just reading content

Provide a variety of multimedia tools. Research shows that readers are more attracted to content that includes videos and images because this provides a more balanced composition. It also allows readers to get more attached and engaged with what they are reading, while plain text usually bores the audience more quickly.

There is no way to achieve SEO-friendly content without mindful thinking. You must give proper attention to creating interesting content that can ranks better in search engines. In the end, everything will pay off as you enjoy better traffic on your site as a result of your hard work.

[article by Vincent Hill]

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