September 17, 2020 by Diana Bocco

7 Email Outreach Mistakes That will Cost You Valuable Links

You might be sending out plenty of emails to your subscribers as a part of your email outreach campaign. But how many of them respond?

7 Email Outreach Mistakes That will Cost You Valuable Links

Stats show that most outreach emails are ignored and that only 8.5% receive a response. What are you doing wrong that is costing you valuable links? 

Did you verify email address? Are your subject lines misleading or outright boring? Do you send impersonalized emails? Are you sending broken links? Did you forget to include a call to action or send follow-up emails?

There are many things to consider with an email outreach campaign. If you do it right, email outreach is one of the best ways to build links –but make lots of email outreach mistakes and you’ll end up losing valuable links. Training your team to craft the perfect outreach email using engaging employee training software can be a productive step.

Let’s have a look at 7 common email outreach mistakes that you should avoid.

Not verifying email addresses 

You might overlook the email address verification part, but when you send lots of emails to the wrong email addresses, the bounce rate can damage the reputation of the domain’s sender, consequently lowering the email deliverability rate. 

Plus, the effort that you invest in finding link building targets will be wasted. You can run the email addresses on your list on tools such as NeverBounce or Clearout to verify after you gather them. 

Be careful while sending emails to catchall emails. It is risky to send emails if the catchall emails are more than 10%.

Sending misleading subject lines

Many consumers reported feeling cheated or tricked into opening a promotional email after reading the email’s subject line.

If you persuade your subscribers using the subject line to open an email that is not related to the subject line at all, you will not only lose their trust and spoil your brand image, but you are also violating anti-spam laws.   

Even if your email body isn’t promotional, put effort while crafting an email subject line so that it relates to the email body.  Don’t mislead your subscribers lest they click on the unsubscribe link, ignore your email, or report spam.  

Crafting boring email subject lines

A lot of importance should be put on crafting the perfect email subject line that is catchy, effective, not misleading, and of the right length. Many subscribers open an email based on the subject line alone. 

Crafting subject lines that are between 36-50 characters can improve open rates. Don’t make the subject lines too short. Outreach emails with long subject lines are said to have a 24.6% higher response rate on an average as opposed to those with short subject lines.

Also, exclude the word newsletter as studies show that open rates plunge by nearly 19% when you use this word in the subject line.

Also avoid using spam words, such as: 

  • Apply Now 
  • Auto email removal 
  • Billion 
  • Cash bonus 
  • Earn $ 
  • Extra income 
  • Free 
  • Fast cash 

Not sending personalized emails

When you send generic emails, don’t expect to get much response. 

People like to feel special, and it reflects when you send personalized emails. Studies found out that when you send personalized subject lines, it increases the response rate by 30.5%, and personalizing outreach email results in a 32.7% better response rate as compared to email bodies with generic contents.

Sending incorrect links

What is the point of the emails if the links you send to your subscribers are broken or incorrect links? Use a test email to check your links before sending your newsletter out to subscribers. While you are at it, you will also get the chance to test other elements, including subject line and CTA buttons.

Don’t ignore any link in your test email. Click on every link to make sure they are not broken or incorrect. If you have sent a broken link by mistake, rectify the error as soon as possible.

Forgetting to add a call to action 

The CTA in your outreach email can boost the reply rates. But don’t use too many. Studies have found that using a single call-to-action in emails increased clicks by 371%.

To trigger the right action using CTA, make it persuasive and specific. It should also define the email’s purpose.

Or you can add humor to stand out or make an easy pass.

Not sending follow-up emails

Did you just send one email and gave up because the receiver did not respond? Studies have it that sending multiple follow-up emails can boost response rates.

Even sending one follow-up email can increase the response rate by 65.8%.

The key is not to give up when you don’t get a response after your first cold email.

People receive so many emails in a day. There is a high chance that your email has been noticed. Just ensure not to send annoying follow-ups. A gentle nudge with additional context will work better.


Given that most of the outreach emails are ignored, you have to stop making mistakes to increase the chance of getting a response. The seven email outreach mistakes mentioned in this article are going to cost you valuable links if you don’t avoid them.

Take time to craft your email subject line. Make sure it is catchy and relates to the content in the email body. Sending deceiving or spam emails is a big NO. Also, personalize the email content, check for broken and incorrect links, add a persuasive call to action, and send follow-up emails. Before you send the email, don’t forget to verify the email addresses on your list.

**About the Author: Gaurav Belani is a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Growfusely, a content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. He has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing. He likes sharing his knowledge in a wide range of domains ranging from marketing to human capital management and much more. His work is featured in several authoritative business publications. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter at @belanigaurav.

*Photo by Onlineprinters on Unsplash

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