September 17, 2020 by Diana Bocco

6 Ways Intranet Software Can Boost Your SEO Strategy

For many organizations, keeping up with the latest SEO trends and innovative marketing strategies is a challenge.

6 Ways Intranet Software Can Boost Your SEO Strategy

On top of that, they are constantly competing for high rankings in search results. Marketing teams have their plates full because optimization requires time, hard work, consistent, and regular activities.

However, thanks to technology and innovation, you and your team members no longer have to do it by yourselves. All you have to do is open one part of your intranet software to the public and start building a community. With this step, you have unlocked your SEO strategy’s potential and you can reap the rewards on many aspects. Here is how.

Communication between teams

To come up with a successful SEO strategy and start implementing it, everyone involved in the process has to communicate effectively. Starting from the marketing team to content and copywriters and even clients. Team members have to do their research, gather data, analyze it, share updates, and important pieces of information on the team level.

With so many people working on an SEO strategy, communication can often be quite a challenge. In this business, you can’t afford to have breakdowns in communication, misunderstandings, or even silo mentality. To overcome all barriers to good communication, you can resort to intranet solutions.

The same or similar software can connect not only your team members but also other people related to this project. This way you can be sure every single person receives timely updates, shares information, and communicates effectively.

Link building

When the activity of your community members increases, great opportunities arise. One of them has to do with link building. Not only do they help build internal links but also inward ones. Internal links are great for attracting and inviting audiences to check out some special offers on your website as well as other more specialized pages.

Members of your community like to talk about your brand so they frequently mention it on their blogs, vlogs, and websites. Moreover, they include links that lead directly to content found on your website so their activity influences inward linking.

Either way, link building is much more efficient and quicker than using more traditional methods. Whatever your SEO strategy is, it can’t be successful without consistently and regularly building links.

Valuable media and content

What is great about intranet software is that it allows you to create sections and subsections within such a big platform. Most companies use this great feature to create interesting blogs, hold discussions, organize Q&A sessions, or simply act as forums.

More importantly, these sections are open to the public. This means, your audience and target groups can access them, check out and add content and media whenever they want. Regular and guest posts, photos, videos, and articles are just some types of content they can create and share. In the end, you generate a greater number of valuable content pieces on a daily basis.

This activity helps create an active and engaged community. Also, it maximizes your opportunities when it comes to search marketing.

Keyword density

Since you want to boost your SEO strategy, you have to work on your keyword density. While some SEO experts believe it should be somewhere around 2%, others simply can’t agree on particular percentages.

Either way, if you want your SEO strategy to work out, you have to pay attention to content created in the public part of your intranet software. This is the place where you can find major keywords and use it to improve your search engine rankings.

In most cases, these keywords are phrases used in everyday communication and interaction. When you find them, you can use them to build greater density around those keywords and rank higher in organic searches.

Link farm

Most marketers make one serious mistake that prevents their strategy from functioning. Wanting to increase their website’s visibility quickly, they resort to creating link farms or spamdexing. They spend so much time and effort in this process only to find out that most users aren’t interested in the internet’s content.

In addition, employees have trouble with the categorization system. Since this is a quite common trap, there are some ways you can get around it. For starters, you can rely on metadata and provide concise and straightforward descriptions for every link. Then you can take it to another level by personalizing and targeting employees and users.

This means you should set which links are suitable for which target groups according to their preferences and interests. As a result, you have one layer of relevance over the links which makes targeting audiences and delivering the message more efficient.


The whole purpose of SEO is to enhance your website’s online visibility and rankings. Intranet software, as a powerful tool, comes to great use in trying to achieve marketing goals. All discussions and conversations, along with media, that take place in the internet’s public space help your website in many ways.

For example, the more buzz it creates, the more relevant the website becomes. It gains importance in the given field and search engines recognize their value and relevance. As a reward, search engines rank the website higher than others.

On the whole, intranet software had a huge impact on SEO strategies. The secret to its success lies in build a loyal and close community. Building a thriving community also means increasing leads and driving traffic to your website.

*Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

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