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6 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right CMS Platform

As a business owner, the most vital technology you’ll use for your website is the CMS-content management system.

6 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right CMS Platform

This system is used for creating, managing, and editing the content that is on your website. CMS provides you direct control over your website.

The best types of CMS can accommodate essential updates in a scheduled manner, along with management of the entire website without needing help from some third-party source. Without the presence of CMS, you shall have to rely entirely on the web developer you have hired for making any content adjustments. This creates significant challenges as you do not have control over your website and cannot make the necessary changes when you require them.

There are many WordPress web development companies offering content management systems according to your budget, needs, and the platform you use. It sometimes becomes daunting to limit your options to pick one, but the following list of suggestions shall help you make that decision and choose the right CMS that shall fit your organization, brand, and needs.

Selecting the suitable CMS for your website

Choosing the right content management system depends on your budget and requirements. Have a look at the following write-up, and then make your decision based on that.

Suppose you have hired a web developer; then ask them which CMS they will use to work with your website. If you are using it all by yourself, then you must request a demo from the vendor. Many of them shall be offering a free trial, so you can try some for the platform and check whether it suits you or not.

1. Is the CMS easy to use?

The popular platforms enhance the ease of using them, and most of them make it possible for website owners to use those platforms without prerequisite technical knowledge such as coding. Strikingly and Weebly are some of the user-friendly platforms that do not need much technical knowledge.

You must ensure that the custom CMS development services you choose make it easy for you to update and upload text, add videos and images, make other content updates and insert links. It must be easy to add and delete web pages or customize them.

2. Is the CMS SEO-friendly?

If you buy a CMS that negatively affects your search engine optimization efforts and rankings, purchasing this kind of CMS is a waste of time and money.

Before buying a CMS, you must Check out the SEO related features like

  • How does the platform work with creating new URLs?
  • Does the platform offer to write unique page descriptions and titles?
  • Does the CMS have built-in or integrated SEO tools?

3. Is the CMS within your budget?

Almost every content management system vendor displays the packages and prices on their website, but there might be some additional costs you must consider.

Some CMS include licensing fees like a one-time fee for buying the software license. Some may add up the costs for upgrading, updating, or adding plug-ins/extensions. While considering a CMS, you must ask your vendor about the hidden charges.

4. How secure is the CMS platform?

Content management systems are among the priority targets of cybercriminals and hackers, and the most popular ones come along with some security issues that must be taken care of.

You must do your research about the platform and the Vendors past security issues. You must know what security features the CMS offers and learn how to secure your CMS.

In a situation where CMS gets hacked, what does your vendor do to resolve the issue and prevent further assaults? You may also find out what other clients of your vendor say about the security of the platform and CMS.

5. Does the CMS allow integration of web analytics?

Irrespective of the CMS you choose, you must ensure that the platform allows the users to track Key analytics and metrics like page times, conversions, site visits, and much more. Always ensure that your CMS integrates with analytical tools like Google analytics. Platforms like WordPress have analytics and metrics systems that you can use in addition to this.

6. Does the CMS platform offer technical support?

Even though various popular content management systems are present in the market that offer all the features you need, not all of them are the best when you talk of providing technical support to the customers.

Hence it would help to look for a web development services company with multiple ways of contacting them, like phone numbers and emails. It would help if you had a vendor that offers 24/7 support or regularly responds to your queries.


There are numerous content management systems present out there, all having unique benefits and features to offer. The above checklist is an excellent place to start researching about choosing the suitable CMS for your website and shall help you narrow down your options.

**About the Author: Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading CMS Development Company that offers ecommerce development solutions to businesses of all sizes. He enjoys writing about app development.

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