March 26, 2020 by Diana Bocco

5 Reasons Why Small Agencies Need Expert SEO

To succeed in today’s business world as a small agency is not an easy feat.

5 Reasons Why Small Agencies Need Expert SEO

The online market is highly competitive these days, and the advent of technology and its everchanging landscape isn’t really helping. Simply put, getting to the first page in a search engine is tough – and yet, a lot of business success falls on that exactly.

Getting to that sweet premier spot will generate a lot of brand awareness. This will, in turn, lead to better sales –and in no time, your small agency will start developing and growing.

However, there is a long road you need to traverse to get there. Figuring out exactly how to do it takes a lot of time – and a lot of experience. You will need to gain skills that are not easy to come by. It will also require a lot of resources –and when you are a startup, you might not have these. This is one of the reasons small agencies need expert SEO.

It is all about web presence

There are those who would argue that if you do not exist in the online world, you are basically nothing. Over the years, technology has immensely improved – and this improvement has been rapidly speeding up in recent years.

Nowadays, people can do almost anything from the comfort of their own chairs. They have been doing their shopping for years this way, but now it also applies to running a business and much more!

This also applies to the information they consume. There is a huge percent of people that, when buying something or getting services, they pour over review pages. And so, if your small agency is nowhere to be seen, it can easily be forgotten. For this real, you need expert SEO to make you stand out from the crowd. They will help you climb up the ranks and end up on the top positions of all search engines. This way, you will gain a lot of customers and become instantly recognizable.

But this is not all! SEO experts can also help you with project and client management. They have the right tools for this task, and they will know exactly how to apply them. This is especially useful because of the fact that search engines keep changing their policies all the time. So, even if you do learn some SEO basics, by tomorrow they might become obsolete.

You need expert SEO to save your agency resources

The second big reason why expert SEO is a must in small agencies is for the resources that they will save you. There is a common misconception that paying an SEO expert is just an extra cost. True, you do need to take some funds out of your budget for them, but the gain you will reap are countless. What’s more, you can harm your budget more if you employ someone who is not an expert – or try to do it yourself.

You will be using a lot of money on planning your SEO strategy without getting anywhere. And even if you try to use low-cost tools, the costs can easily add up on a monthly basis. To add salt to the wound – you will still need to go through the learning process – and since the rules keep changing, keep repeating it instead of leading your small agency.

Expert SEOs, on the other hand, know exactly what to do and how to create an SEO strategy that will suit your business. They dedicate their time learning all the ropes, so even when everything changes, they will be ready for it. Also, they use the right tools every day, so they can recommend expert software to you.

Best of all, though, is that they are not a machine. No matter how sophisticated it may be, an algorithm cannot truly adapt to your small agency needs like an expert SEO can. This is where these people really shine.

An expert SEO will know exactly what battle to fight – and where to call the shots. This way, building your reputation will be a piece of cake for them. They can optimize your website for clients in every step of the business. So, whether they are shopping, learning about your business, leaving a review or just looking around – your clients will have a place made exclusively for them thanks to an expert SEO.

Social media is where the marketing happens

You probably already know this, but social media is playing a huge part in shaping the opinions of today’s world. This type of marketing has become increasingly popular, and it doesn’t intend to slow down. It has gotten to the point that even small agencies are paying a lot of money for social media marketing campaigns.

The reasoning behind this is simple. Everyone is on social media, so your reach can be really huge. With ease, you can get people aware of you – and talking about you. However, doing social media marketing right is a whole other story. And you have guessed it right – you will need an expert SEO to do it right!

You might be tempted to just create one post and share it around on all your social media accounts. But as you already know, there are different platforms that offer different content. And so, all of them require a different approach as well. An expert SEO will know exactly how to handle each of these.

And with their help, you will be able to reach a targeted group with ease too, since different people use different networks. This way, you can also expand your market into new target audiences, which is always a plus for a small agency!

No one knows SEO better than an expert SEO

This is simply a fact of life. If you want an offline marketing strategy, you will employ a marketing person. But if you want to reach high on search engine rankings, then it is an expert SEO you will need.

People doing marketing just don’t know everything there is to know about optimization. As we mentioned, it is an ever-changing game. You will need someone with their head constantly in it to get the most out of it.

Yes, a marketing expert can help you with your campaign a lot. However, only an expert SEO can make you stand out and deliver your message the right way online. And since the fastest way of spreading your message is through the screen, SEO is the right way to go!

Stop losing money with expert SEO

Finally, we want to pay special attention to just how dangerous dealing with search engine optimization can be without an expert SEO. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as over-optimizing. Doing it can kill your Google credit easily.

Search engines also have blacklists and can penalize websites they are suspicious of trying to game their system. This way, with just a couple of easy-to-make mistakes, you can decimate your traffic and hurt your business this way. It’s simple – less traffic means fewer customers, which in turn leads to less income for your small agency. So, instead of trying to venture into this alone – losing time and money – just hire an expert who can help you thrive.


To conclude, all small agencies need expert SEO. They will not only help save you time and resources but will also save a lot of money that you can lose by tackling it alone. What’s more, they can easily locate what you should focus on, and this way they can boost your company fast. Meanwhile, you can deal with other aspects of your small agency, and together you can make your business grow and develop with ease.

**About the author: Jovan Miljevic is a content writer at Nifty, a leading project management software tool. A Math student working to become a professional novel writer, Miljevic is also learning about online writing, content optimization and boosting the website users’ experience.

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