November 8, 2016 by Diana Bocco

3 Experts Weigh In on What It Takes to Get Great Rankings on Google

Still confused as to what else you can do to get as much visibility as possible on Google? We asked three SEO experts to share their best tips to get you there. 

3 Experts Weigh In on What It Takes to Get Great Rankings on Google

Be Specific With Your Keywords, Google Snippet and Title

To improve your website’s visibility, first of all you need to establish some keywords for your webpage. Is your business related to selling sport shoes with different types of lace-colors? Then you probably should build your set of keywords, both general and specific, to be, for example: “sport shoes”, “work-out footwear”, “sport shoes with pink and red laces”, “sport shoes with gold and silver laces” (because people are meticulous like that).

Not only do you have to lay down your keywords, but also place them in your page. But be careful: keyword stuffing is not recommended. The more unnecessary keywords, the worst it is for your site’s visibility.

Next, edit your Google snippet, title and your web’s URL. The snippet and title are what every person on Google see when searching for the things you offer. Your chosen keywords should appear in all those three elements; not only because of SEO, but also because it helps the potential customer to see if what you’re offering is related to what they are searching.

Also make sure to link your social media sites to your webpage, and focus on enrolling your business on Google Business. Keep that in mind!

* Carolina Sobel is a Marketing Analyst at SoulFire and has experience in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and SEO.

Target Keywords with Lower Search Volume

When completing your keyword research, it is a great idea to start building pages that target terms that have a lower search volume. The keywords in your industry with a lot of search volume will have the most competition and are far more difficult to rank for. Especially if your industry is dominated by multinational organizations, it is sometimes impossible to outrank these huge organizations.

However if you create separate pages for many terms with lower search traffic, you will see an increase in search traffic as a result of the combination of these terms.

Furthermore, when you build authority around these smaller terms, Google will inevitably begin to rank your website for bigger industry terms and you can climb your way to the top of the more difficult terms without actively targeting them.

Finally, as you build out SEO focused pages for these terms, the size of your website will grow and this will help from an authoritative standpoint.

* Elizabeth Jenkins is the SEO Manager at Source Capital Funding, Inc.

Keep Your Content Specific

With SEO, I find that great content finds better search rankings than weak content, regardless of SEO techniques that are used. The information must be original, well-written, and answer a question that someone needs the answer to. For instance, a plumber’s website could offer tips on how to take care of a clogged drain. It establishes expertise and shows that there’s a lot of steps and it’s worth hiring a plumber. Fortunately, since the post is on a plumber’s website, the customers know who to call.

* Melanie Green is the CEO & Lead Copywriter of the Triassic Media Group. She works with clients in English-speaking markets on web development projects and content marketing.

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